Here's the new TikTok Pulling Man game that's rapidly becoming popular

Here's the new TikTok Pulling Man game that's rapidly becoming popular ...

This week, the Pulling Man game is rapidly becoming popular on TikTok. Here's what it is and how to play.

On TikTok, a new trend goes viral every week. The social media platform often inspires the creative and fun side of all its users, who in turn begin to develop new trends that go viral quickly.

What is the game of Pulling Man?

Project Playables has developed the Pulling Man game. It is available on their website

It's one of the simplest and most enjoyable games out there.

As you enter the Project Playables website, you are introduced to a cartoon character with his limbs clasping keyboard keys. You can then simply drag these keys in any direction, and the man is heard wailing and whimpering.

If you extend his legs further, he shrieks.

Although the game is so simple, it has gained a lot of popularity because the mans reaction almost sounds like moans. Users are caught off guard by it.

Users of TikTok are enjoying the Project Playables game.

B Rose, a TikTok user, coached her mother to play the game. You can see the mother flinching a little bit as she hear the guy for the first time.

When she heard the mans first shriek, she laughed.

My mom #pullingman #mymom #fyp is playing a tugging man game.

Another user named lilpxuls.welding demonstrated his funny gameplay.

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Other recent viral TikToks

The green line test is another popular TikTok trend these days.

The green line rule applies to how a couple stands next to each other, especially when taking a photo.

So who is grabbing who? #greenlinetest #couple #ldr #fyp #coupletok #pullgame #relationships #dating #couplegoal

The Protein Bor is another popular viral phenomenon.

After Irish TikTok user James Doyle reviewed some protein bars and his accent made it sound like bor, the bizarre expression became popular.

Another TikTik user favorite is the Pink Sauce trend!

Pink Sauce has evolved into the new popular TikTok dressing, designed by celebrity chef, Pii. It is described as being savoury, sweet, and seasoned all in one.

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