As the release of her 2014 speech comes to light, a pork meme about Liz Truss sets Twitter ablaze

As the release of her 2014 speech comes to light, a pork meme about Liz Truss sets Twitter ablaze ...

A Liz Truss meme has gone viral for a strange moment in an old speech where the potential Prime Minister in waiting made a pledge about pork.

Politicians, well-known for their relatability and collectively strong sense of humor, are prone to verbal flaws and strange moments.

Ed Miliband's famous tough enough sentence and Boris Johnson's Thems the breaks remarks in his resignation address are just two examples of times when accomplished politicians were not quite on the same page as us.

Liz Truss, a Tory leader who has promised pork in a Twitter meme, has now been highlighted.

So, let's see what the internet is saying about Lizz Truss.

Liz Truss has a strange pork moment.

What is the connection between Liz Truss and pork?

Truss' address at the Birmingham Conservative Party Conference in 2014 has sparked outrage.

At the time, Truss was the Secretary of State for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs of David Cameron's government. She was giving a talk to conference attendees about the UK's food industries.

Truss stops as the crowd applauds her previous remarks, while looking rather enthused.

She begins the conversation, then briefly pausing again, and then addresses the crowd with the now famous phrase: "It's all about the fun."

I'll be in Beijing in December, reopening new pork markets!

The short clip, while it is a dull interruption without context, must be seen to be fully understood. A ear-to-ear grin is immediately followed by a deep stare down the camera lens.

Truss' chuckle in her pork remarks, combined with a brief pause before the audience begins to applaud, make for a memorable Thick of it moment, which is once again on the internet.

In 2015, the Liz Truss Pork meme became viral.

Due to the leadership contest, Liz Truss is more often in the news today than in 2015, but this isnt the first time the clip has gone viral.

Everyone was raving about the Lizz Truss pork meme back in 2015, when Truss was appointed Foreign Secretary.

Everyone's talking aboutPork Markets in New YorkLondonParisMunich It's all about the Pork Markets.

*Pork Markets are intensifying*

Liz Truss' new memes for 2022

With Liz Truss pork memes, Twitter users have become even more creative in 2022.

I suspect this one to be sarcastic:

Liz Truss pork speech is stunning and inspiring and will be regarded by future generations to be as good, if not better, as Martin Luther Kings I Have a Dream speech.

If you understand this joke, you probably spend way too much time on Twitter (myself included):

My 93-year-old mother went to the pork markets in Beijing, where she is registered blind. She asked, "What booth for liz truss?" in a loud voice, a cheering crowd swelled.

Simple, yet powerful:

Liz Truss believes the Prime Minister stands for pork markets.

What better note to conclude on than a reference to the United Kingdom Office:

What are your assumptions on pork markets?

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