Baby Suga, the niece of Rapper Trinas, was shot and died in Miami, according to sources

Baby Suga, the niece of Rapper Trinas, was shot and died in Miami, according to sources ...

Baby Suga, the niece of rapper Trina, was reportedly shot and died at the age of 17.

As detectives continue to investigate, the shooting reportedly took place in Miami on Tuesday, 19th July.

On social media, fans express condolences to her and her family.

In Miami, Trinas' niece was shot and died.

According to TMZ, the Trinas family is believed to be reeling following the killing of her niece, who was shot in Miami this week.

According to TMZs report, Baby Suga, as she was known, was at the wrong place at the wrong time when she and two other women received gunshot wounds.

When baby Suga died, her real name was Toni Chester.

According to WSVN, the police are currently investigating the incident in Liberty City, Miami. At the time of writing, the reason for Baby Sugas' visit to Liberty City is currently being investigated by law enforcement as she was based elsewhere.

The police case is still open.

The City of Miami Police have still unanswered questions following the incident.

According to WSVN, police were seen near 62nd Street in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Two other women, both thought to be in their mid-20s, were shot alongside Trinas niece Toni. According to Miami Police Officer Kenia Fallat, the other two women were both in good health.

Fallat provided no substantial information on the motive. They stated: We don't know who was the intended target, but certainly, it was a very big event and we're still trying to find more answers.

Any individual who has information on the incident is encouraged to contact the City of Miami Police.

Trina has yet to make a comment.

Toni Chesters' family reportedly told sources that the seventeen-year-old was excited to begin her senior year of high school.

Trina, or Katrina Taylor, has yet to speak up about the passing of her niece.

Several followers have sent their condolences to Trina in a recent Instagram post. One wrote in the comments: Condolences to you and your family. We miss you, Trina.

So Sorry For You Lose Babe, Sug Was The Cutest Doll, wrote another.

Trina's rep told TMZ the family is seeking privacy at this time.

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