Is There Stray On Switch? Explaining Nintendo Console Absence

Is There Stray On Switch? Explaining Nintendo Console Absence ...

Following its release on PlayStation and PC platforms, Stray has been gaining some attention, and gamers want to know if it is available on Nintendo Switch.

As you might anticipate, there is plenty of interest in experiencing a new cyberpunk adventure centered around a cat.

The good news is that you can play it on more devices than PlayStation Plus Premium. Some gamers will be disappointed by the current console exclusivity arrangement.

Is Stray a Nintendo Switch app?

Stray is not available on Nintendo Switch, and there is no word on this changing in 2022.

Stray is still exclusive to PS4 and PS5, and neither Annapurna Interactive nor BlueTwelve Studio have spoken about the game on other platforms yet, and it should be noted that the game is still available on the Steam Store, and with the Steam Deck, you may still enjoy the game on the move, like you would on the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch has become a treasure trove of independent titles and one of the most popular platforms to broadcast them in terms of audience retention and notice. There are also hopes that Stray may be introduced to other platforms in the future, since it is only a timed limited console exclusive.

At the end of the games teaser trailer from back in 2020, there was a message that the game would be a PlayStation console exclusive for a limited time.

The length of time this period will be out, and it appears likely that Stray will not be playable on Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Stray may be played without spending any additional money on PS4 or PS5 right now. As part of an ongoing subscription, you may sign up for the Extra or PS Plus Premium Tiers. And by getting a seven-day membership trial, you may access the new services without purchasing a subscription package.

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