West Ham has assured a player that they want to sign one of the best runners off the ball

West Ham has assured a player that they want to sign one of the best runners off the ball ...

Jesse Lingard is still a free agent after leaving Manchester United last month, with West Ham United and Nottingham Forest keen to sign him.

The duo appear to be the two teams that are most likely to add him to their books this summer, with Danny Murphy claiming to be one of the best runners off the ball, according to talkSPORT.

Many thought that given Lingard's previous relationship and previous loan spell at the London Stadium, he would have already landed on their doorstep after leaving Old Trafford.

Despite his age, he has no club and now Nottingham Forest, who have been promoted, are emerging as the likely signings.

Murphy spoke highly of West Ham and Forest's transfer ambition and made it clear that he must sign for a club that will provide him regular minutes.

Murphy claims that in that brief spell (at West Ham) he showed what talent he has. He is a very intelligent footballer.

He is one of the finest I have ever seen in running off the ball, making runs, when to run behind and when to go in the hole.

He isn't bothered about using up energy to run after run in an effort to fill space. A very clever footballer.

Someone with his skill should be playing week in and week out somewhere. Thats what he should be looking for right now.


Lingard's arrival at West Ham pushed them into Europa League football the last time.

Bayern Munich won just one match last season, but they are still alive in Europe, and they will be hoping to win the Europa League next season.

Lingards' arrival would increase his chances of a top-six finish, as it appears like David Moyes is well-supported this summer.

Forest is returning to the top of the table for the first time, and they do not want to go back to England's second tier any time soon.

If Lingard joins the Midlands giants, then he increases their chances of staying in the Premier League big time.

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