Bob Odenkirk recalls a scene from Better Call Saul in which he suffered a cardiac attack

Bob Odenkirk recalls a scene from Better Call Saul in which he suffered a cardiac attack ...

Bob Odenkirk, the star of Better Call Saul, was taken to hospital in Albuquerque in July 2021 after suffering a minor heart attack while on set.

Details about the incident have slowly emerged ever since the actor was given the all-clear. Odenkirk collapsed at the end of filming a particularly hot sequence in the show's last season.

Bob Odenkirk has revealed to Better Call Saul followers the exact scene where he suffered that terrible heart attack.

Bob Odenkirk recounts a scene from Better Call Saul in which he suffered a heart attack.

The 59-year-old actor initially stated that the first scenes he shot after recovering from the heart attack scare were from episode 9, Fun and Games.

This resulted in some confusion over the actual scene in which Odenkirk suffered the heart attack.

The actor later admitted to the same publication that the incident where he suffered the heart attack occurred in episode 8, Point and Shoot. This is where Jimmy and Kim are held captive by Lalo Salamanca.

Episode 9 is all about shooting what we did after my heart attack, and in fact it is the first thing I shot, according to Bob Odenkirk to EW. The pick-up scenes [from episode 8] were not the first things we shot.

I was like, Wait a second, the first things I shot when I returned from the heart attack was [episode] 9. And thats true, he continued.

Where I ended up being like: Of course, we didnt come back and shoot what we were shooting that day we continued shooting, said the narrator.

We had a different director. Michael Morris directed. He then added: We started in on that stuff.

And then at some point in shooting that stuff, Vince [Gilligan, who directed episode 8] returned and we picked up the final moments of the scene with me and Lalo and Kim. My brain just had a brain fart, and I apologize to the world.

The actor then joked about comparing the scenes before and after his heart attack. He said: However, you want to look at the scene with Kim and Jimmy when Lalo was talking about the plan.

Point and Shoot Recap [spoilers]

From the cliffhanger conclusion of episode 7, Better Call Saul's season 6 continues. Here, Lalo Salamanca arrives at Jimmy and Kims' house and murders Howard Hamlin in front of them.

Lalo is attempting to take Jimmy to Gus Frings' house and shoot the man who answers the door in episode 8.

Jimmy asks if she can leave instead of Lalo, and Lalo unexpectedly agrees.

Jimmy is pinned to a chair and is chastised by Lalo to ensure he cannot escape and call for help.

Jimmy tries to free himself from his bonds by leaning the chair over onto its side until Mike and Guss' henchmen arrive.

The cast and crew of Better Call Saul talk about the incident.

To coincide with the release of episode 8, co-creator Vince Gilligan and Lalo actor Tony Dalton discussed the pivotal moment on the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast.

Gilligan explained that when we got back on set with Bob, it was just happiness, it was just thankfulness, and it was all gratitude.

While Dalton commented: "It was just wonderful to see Bob." We all saw him on the floor [after the heart attack] and it was like, Oh my God, dude. Forget about the program. This is the worst thing that could ever happen to someone."

Bob Odenkirk's most prominent screen partner has been Rhea Seehorn, who plays Kim Wexle in Better Call Saul, according to EW: "You can't get away from the joy and the passion you feel about one of my dearest and dearest pals being alive."

It's like one of the worst days of my life was followed by one of my finest days of my entire life that he was fine and that he was okay.

Season 6 of Better Call Saul is currently available onAMCandNetflix, with the finale scheduled for August 15 and 16.

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