The Ronaiah Tuiasosopo hoax at the core of a new Netflix series with Manti Teo

The Ronaiah Tuiasosopo hoax at the core of a new Netflix series with Manti Teo ...

Manti Teo's story and the fake girlfriend that made the rounds on the internet in 2012 are the focus of a new Netflix documentary.

The linebacker was caught in the middle of a catfishing hoax that shocked the football world a decade ago.

The teaser for the Netflix series Untold was released on Tuesday (July 19), prompting enthusiastic viewers to want to know more about the scandal.

Manti Teo is a fake catfishing video from a new Netflix film.

The Netflix Untold series teased a trailer earlier this week. Five episodes from the moving sports documentary have already been released, and a second batch of episodes will be released this summer.

One of the episodes, Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist, will focus on Manti Teo's catfishing scandal.

The Girlfriend Who Didnt Exist, a story about college football star Manti Teos' headline-grabbing online relationship, was the first book we produced in our volume 2 premiere.

When this story first appeared in 2012, it was hard to miss it, but what happened afterwards is so much more complex and nuanced than we thought at the time. Were very grateful to both Manti Teo and Ronaiah Naya Tuiasosopo for sharing their secrets with us.

What we know about Ronaiah Tuiasosopo and the hoax

Football fans were shocked when news surfaced that Teos' grandmother had died. After a few hours, it was reported that Lennay Kekua, the footballers' alleged girlfriend, had died of leukemia.

According to a Deadspin report in January 2013, Kekua was not really online. Ronaiah Tuiasosopo was the person behind the Kekua online personality.

Kekuas' photographs of Teo were taken by a Torrance, California, woman who claimed she had never seen the footballer before.

Tuiasosopo will appear in the sports documentary in which she declares herself a transgender woman, according to People.

Tuiasosopo spoke forth about the fake news.

During an interview with Dr Phil McGraw in 2013, Tuiasosopo disclosed the catfishing scam.

Tuiasosopo was said to have fallen deeply and romantically in love with Teo before their two-year romance was called off by The Guardian.

After all that I had gone through, I finally realized I just had to get back on track with my life, Tuiasosopo told Dr Phil McGraw.

I had to stop living and let this go. Manti and Lennay have gotten along many times, but something would restore them together, whether it was something going on in him or in Lennay's life or in this case, my life.

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