How To Use Discord On Xbox Microsofts Xbox Insider Explained

How To Use Discord On Xbox Microsofts Xbox Insider Explained ...

Following Microsoft's latest announcement this week, fans want to know how to use Discord on Xbox consoles.

The good news is that the tech behemoth has provided all the information required for fans to get ready for the big launch.

And we know when the first gamers will be able to connect to Discord on Xbox this month.

How To Install Discord On Xbox

Microsoft has confirmed that while Discord will be available for everyone shortly, there will be limitations on the service in the coming weeks. To become one of the first people to use Discord on Xbox, you will need to join the Xbox Insider Program.

If youre already a member, then things will be a lot easier this week for you to prepare. The Discord update will begin rolling out to Xbox Insiders on July 20, followed by general use at a later date.

The new option in the Parties & Chats menu on your Xbox console screen will appear as an Insider option. According to a Microsoft post, the Try Discord Voice on Xbox option will already be there.

After clicking through, you will need to scan a QR code that will take you to a separate Discord and Xbox app section, where you will be able to connect your accounts. Anyone who has done this in the past will have to do it again.

Microsoft has not revealed whether or not you need to go to the Xbox Insider Hub for the testing phase, but it may be worthwhile to double check if no additional options appear on your Parties Menu today.

How To Join Xbox Insider Program

The Xbox Insider Program allows you to test new Xbox consoles and windows hardware as well as gain access to special gaming events. Currently, you may test the Halo Infinite Co-op Campaign alongside the most recent Xbox version.

To join the Xbox Insider Program, you need to download the app from the Xbox Store, selecting Search, entering insider in the box, and then selecting Get or Install. Both will install the Xbox Insider Hub and the Report a problem app.

After joining Discord, you may have to wait to get access to it, as there are different levels to the Xbox Insider Hub, which usually controls who gets access to new feature testing first.

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