After refusing a contract at Liverpool, the 25-year-old admits everything is going well

After refusing a contract at Liverpool, the 25-year-old admits everything is going well ...

Pedro Chirivella has been discussing his career since he left Liverpool in 2020 on The Blood Red Podcast.

At one time, the Spanish midfielder was touted as the next big thing at Anfield, but after failing to break into the first-team, he made the bold decision of rejecting a new deal at Liverpool and leaving the club.

Chirivella admits that he was eager for a fresh start, and while he admits that he took a lot of risk in leaving Anfield, he believes things have gone a lot better than he expected since he left the Reds.

What has been said?

Chirivella discussed leaving Liverpool and rejecting his current deal.

Because the deal was not for me to be a squad player, it was for me to go on loan, and having returned having played one or two seasons on loan, I wanted to see if I was capable of being a squad player at Liverpool, but even if I had good experiences on loan I just wanted a fresh start, a place I could settle in, and that was the reason for moving to Nantes.

After everything I went through at Liverpool, my life has gone better than I expected. I took the risk not to sign a new contract or move elsewhere, but I trusted myself to have a great time here in Nantes and everything has gone smoothly. We will be playing in the Europa League this season, and my third year here will be better.

The best move is to make.

Although Chirivella had to give up his dream after leaving Liverpool, this is a rare instance of a player making the correct decision when leaving the Reds.

Emre Can and Georginio Wijnaldum have both struggled since leaving Anfield, but Chirivellas career has really picked up.

He is a regular starter for Nantes in Ligue 1, and he even won the Coupe de France last season.

Unfortunately, he is unlikely to be a starting goalkeeper for a club like Liverpool, but he is carving out a very enjoyable career in France, and who knows? Perhaps he will return to the Premier League at some point.

Chirivella took a risk when he left Liverpool, but the risk has paid off.

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