Britney Spears was convinced by fans that she wore a microphone in the scary Mandela Effect

Britney Spears was convinced by fans that she wore a microphone in the scary Mandela Effect ...

Mandela Effects are a popular internet search term, and this might be the strangest one yet.

A Mandela Effect is a false memory that is shared by many individuals. In other words, a large group of individuals all remember something that never happened at all. Sounds plausible, right?

Mandela Effects are found in all walks of life, from popular brands to TV shows, celebrity deaths to historic events.

Many people assumed that the kids program was called Looney Toons when it was actually Looney Tunes, and others were surprised to learn that TV character Curious George has a tail when he doesnt.

Another strange Mandela Effect revolves around the show brand Skechers, many agree it was spelled like Sketchers, yet there's no t!

Britney Spears and her famous song Oops! I Did It Again are in for the latest strange Mandela Effect. Be prepared to be scared out.

Britney was assumed to be wearing a microphone.

This Mandela Effect starts with Britney's famous 2000 song Oops! I Did It Again.

It's one of the most famous music videos from the 1940s, and if you grow up around that time, you can probably envision it now.

In the space movie, everybody knows that the singer wore a bright red latex outfit and a black microphone headset. Well, she did not.

In the video that has been viewed over 377 million times on YouTube, she did wear a red latex outfit, but there's no headset in sight.

The Mandela Effect comes in. Thousands of people around the world know Britney well wearing a black headset, but it's not there.

The black headset is included in costume wearers.

Many Oops! I Did It Again costumes that people have worn over the years also have the accompanying headset, just to make things even more bizarre.

This post on Costume Works has the black microphone, as does this Barbie-inspired doll from Britney Spears. How strange!

In recent weeks, posts have taken over Twitter and TikTok, causing fans to be enraged by the scary Mandela Effect.

One fan wrote: "We're all still alive."

What is the reason why does Britney Spears do not have a microphone in her music video for Oops I Did It Again? #mandelaeffect

Another said:

Britney Spears has also had a similar experience, where they are now showing videos in which she never wore a head piece (microphone )..

A third individual conducted a poll:

Do you remember Britney Spears wearing a headset in her music video for Oops I Did It Again (and touching it at one point)?

On stage, she always had a headset.

While many are certain that something creepy is going on here, and that Britney certainly wore a microphone in the video, others have come to the conclusion that they are misinterpreting her live performances.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, the Toxic singer was well-known for wearing a headset during most of her performances, including during Oops! I Did It Again.

Britney is seen wearing a headset while singing the popular song on her tour in 2000 in London, while another video shows the musician wearing a microphone while singing the track on Top of the Pops.

Another strange Mandela Effect involving Chick-fil-A can be seen here.

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