Natalia Zabiiako, a tennis player, has revealed that she is dating a lady

Natalia Zabiiako, a tennis player, has revealed that she is dating a lady ...

Daria Kasatkina, a Russian tennis player, has revealed she is dating a woman and has shared a photo with her partner Natalia Zabiiako.

The interview with Russian journalist Vitya Kravchenko by Darias was a moving experience.

During the discussion, the 25-year-old talked about coming out of the closet. She also broke down in tears when asked if she fears she would never be able to return to Russia following her revelations and recent remarks.

The question arose following the Russian parliament's decision to tighten restrictions on discussions about LGBTQ rights.

Natalia Zabiiako, an Olympic medalist, is on her way.

Daria took to her Twitter and Instagram to post photos of herself with Natalia Zabiiako after her recent interview.

Natalia is a 27-year-old Russian Estonian competitive pair skater who participated in the 2018 Winter Olympics and won a silver medal.

Natalia had previously competed for Russia on the slopes with Alexander Enbert.

Under her other achievements, she was also a 2019 Worldbronze medalist and a2018 Europeanbronze medalist.

Natalia has around 29,000 Instagram followers.

Daria Kasatkina says she's dating a lady.

Daria toldtold that she is not dating a woman. In the long run, living in the closet is impossible. Not that hard.

It is pointless. You will be totally focused on that until you decide to speak up. Of course, you are solely responsible for how you do it and how much you tell.

In Russia, so many topics are taboo, some of them more significant than ours. This notion of someone wanting to be gay or becoming one is absurd.

Daria and her partner Natalia have shared sweet snaps.

Daria and Natalia both posted pictures of themselves together on social media after the interview in order to make their connection public and to share their sweet moments with the rest of the world.

Natalia was also tagged on Twitter by Daria.

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