As the trend spreads, here's how to make your own Little Miss memes

As the trend spreads, here's how to make your own Little Miss memes ...

The popular Little Miss meme trend has taken over Twitter and Instagram this week.

The popular trend involves famous characters from Roger Hargreaves' Mr. Men books, which were first published in August 1971.

Each book is about a different character who is named after a specific emotion or action, like Mr. Greedy, Mr. Happy, and Mr. Bump.

In 1981, he also co-produced a new series called Little Miss, which consists of female characters such as Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Bossy, and Little Miss Giggles.

Roger Hargreaves passed away in 1998, but his son Adam continued to enjoy the show, which is a big part of many British childhoods.

Now, the Mr. Men and Little Miss books have inspired the latest big social media trend. Find out what it is and how to make your own meme.

The Little Miss trend has taken over social media.

Internet users are able to recite their own thoughts and personalities as part of the popular Little Miss movement.

People are taking pictures of the characters, like Little Miss Fun, Little Miss Trouble, and Little Miss Fabulous, and then adding their own captions.

Little Miss Uses Big Words Incorrectly, Little Miss Back Pain, and Little Miss Passive Aggressive are some of the humorous memes.

The text may be anything you like, but it must be relevant to you and reveal yourself as a person in order to create your own Little Miss character. The funnier the better!

Men have also begun doing the same with Mr. Men characters, although the male version has not gone as far as viral.

How to Make Your Own Little Miss Memes

Many are pondering how to make their own Little Miss memes as the trend develops. It's not as simple as you may imagine.

There isn't a Little Miss meme creator, generator, or application that will do it for you, and you'll have to sharpen your editing skills if you want to make your own.

The first step is to select the Little Miss character that you'll want to use. It doesnt matter which one you choose, just choose one that suits your style and fits in with the caption you'll be composing.

Here is a complete list of Little Miss characters with photos from Mr. Men Wiki, as well as a complete list of Mr. Men characters.

Next, take a photo of the character from Google Images and paste it into a photo editing program that allows you to add text. The most popular one is Photoshop, but there are plenty available on iOS and Android.

All you need to do is add your caption above the picture. Use black text and choose a font that looks like the one used on the original books to make it appear more realistic.

Now you can save your Little Miss or Mr. Men meme and post it on social media!

This Instagram user has created a lot of content to share.

She isnt the one who started the trend, but she did popularize it, and has since accumulated a staggering 528,000 followers on her profile, which she only started on July 11th!

Little Miss has shared several funny Little Miss memes, such as Little Miss Map Stalker, Little Miss Afraid Of Intimacy, and Little Miss Likes Older Men.

Just click on the picture and click the paper airplane icon, then tap Add Post to Your Story.

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