Extraordinary Attorney Woo episode 7 time & preview of Netflix K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Extraordinary Attorney Woo episode 7 time & preview of Netflix K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo ...

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, the most awaited K-drama of the week, will be back on July 20th. After already breaking a new high with the first six episodes, viewers of the drama can't wait for their relationship to develop as they have been the most heartbreaking couple of k-dramas.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, the latest k-drama created by Park Eunbin and Kang Tae Oh, has already established a new level in South Korean television, with viewership increasing from 0.9 percent in the first episode to 9.569 percent in the sixth episode, an astounding feat that has impressed the country.

When one considers that Extraordinary Attorney Woo is broadcast from one of the little television stations in South Korea, ENA, where the program has garnered the most viewership, the results are even greater.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a clear choice for international k-drama lovers, having been dubbed as the most watched non-English program onNetflix for the first week of July from 4th to 10th, achieving 23.9 million hours of viewership and ranking first in the most watched non-English television series in 190 countries, according to NME.

Netflix has released a new episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

On the South Korean network ENA, Extraordinary Attorney Wooepisode 7 will be broadcast on Netflix on July 20th at 9 PM KST/ 8 AM ET/ 5 AM PT. Later, the episode will air at 9.30 AM ET/ 10.30 PM KST.

Ep 7 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a preview of the book.

Before the release of the main episodes, viewers of the show received a sneak peek of the upcoming episode in which Attorney Woo, Junho, and counsel Choi Soo Yeon are traveling together.

Junho believes Woo likes Woo Yeon, so she attempts to give them space, despite Minwoo's approval. Both appear dissatisfied with the present-day atmosphere in the car.

#ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo EP 7 pre-released Woo Young Woo asked Junho if he wants to change seats because she really believed Junho likes Suyeon, please save Junho from this annoyance pic.twitter.com/svp11JoARR

Attorney Woo is clear that she loves Junho, but she isn't yet convinced that the latter shares the same feelings. While attorney Woo goes out to experience this new wave of emotion, a mystery of her past will soon surface.

Tae Soo Mi, the competitor firm's chairman, is already evident that she can be Woos' mother and will face off against them in the new case. Take a look at the preview below.

Watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflixhere.

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