Uncle From Another World: Episode count and Netflix release schedule

Uncle From Another World: Episode count and Netflix release schedule ...

Uncle From Another World season 1 will have roughly seven episodes, and when will new episodes be released on Netflix each week?

The Summer anime slate for 2022 is now in full swing, with the majority of series reaching their third broadcast domestically in Japan.

However, one of the most popular episodes from the new slate has just been made available to stream internationally via Netflix, a comedy series called Uncle From Another World, also known as Isekai Ojisan.

With a decent 7.92/10 on MyAnimeList, the anime is currently the seventh highest-rated show from the 2022 Summer slate; even more impressive considering the program has just launched outside Japan.

So, what is this new anime about, when will new episodes of Uncle From Another World be released on Netflix, and how many episodes will season 1 consist of?

Jun Fukuyama (Takafumi) and Takehito Koyasu (Uncle) share an exclusive clip!http://t.co/P8Fv3HSHWQ pic.twitter.com/RdRqgFwCUj

What is the significance of Uncle From Another World?

Uncle From Another World is an Isekai comedy anime series from Studio AtelierPontdarc, the team behind Ganbare Douki-chan.

After being hit by a truck 17 years ago, Takafumis uncle suddenly wakes up one day and starts spouting about living in another world for the past 17 years called Gran Bahamal.

Takafumi is lost for words, but his uncle proves his claims of being in another dimension by using some magic. Takafumi invites him into their home, and they begin to share an apartment together.

Takafumi begins to slowly realize that his uncle's Gran Bahamal tale is true as they settle down to live together in this modest apartment.

Takafumi has the difficult task of educating his uncle about the past two decades of history, including smartphones, the internet, television programs, and video games, the latter of which is a particular pain point for him.

In this new and exciting otherwordly comedy set in a corner of an apartment complex, two men from different generations work hard to become video content creators! Synopsis via Netflix Anime YouTube.

Uncle From Another World: Netflix's release schedule

Uncle From Another World premiered on Wednesday, July 6th in Japan, but the first episode is now available to stream worldwide via Netflix on Tuesday, July 20th.

Uncle From Another World's Simulcast Release is similar to the recently-concluded Komi Cant Communicate, which also had a two-week interruption between domestic broadcast and international streaming.

The good news is that the new anime series will now be released on a weekly schedule, with new episodes starting every Wednesday from the following international times:

Uncle From Another World is a beautiful anime that reaches out to me! 10/10 https://t.co/j10jBLRsuf

How many episodes are there in Season 1 of Uncle From Another World?

Uncle From Another World season 1's total number of episodes has not yet been publicly verified by either the anime series' official website or its associated distribution partners at the time of writing.

However, the anime is expected to consist of 13 individual episodes based on the Blu-ray DVD boxset for the series, which is currently slated to be released in three parts domestically in Japan.

Uncle From Another World will launch new episodes via Netflix from the following dates, avoiding any future interruptions to the domestic broadcast.

  • Episode 1 Wednesday, July 20th
  • Episode 2 Wednesday, July 27th
  • Episode 3 Wednesday, August 3rd
  • Episode 4 Wednesday, August 10th
  • Episode 5 Wednesday, August 17th
  • Episode 6 Wednesday, August 24th
  • Episode 7 Wednesday, August 31st
  • Episode 8 Wednesday, September 7th
  • Episode 9 Wednesday, September 14th
  • Episode 10 Wednesday, September 21st
  • Episode 11 Wednesday, September 28th
  • Episode 12 Wednesday, October 5th
  • Episode 13 Wednesday, October 12th

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