Shonka Dukureh: 5 Things to Know About The Elvis Actress At 44

Shonka Dukureh: 5 Things to Know About The Elvis Actress At 44 ...

Shonka Dukureh, 44, of Nashville, Tennesse, who played Big Mama Thorntonin Baz Luhrmann in the critically acclaimed biopic Elvis, has died. The actress and singer reportedly passed away Thursday, July 21, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department.

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Shonka Dukureh, a 44-year-old Fisk Univ graduate, died in the bedroom of her Kothe Way apartment she shared with her two young children today.

She is the mother of two children.

Shonka was discovered unresponsive on the floor by one of her two young children, who went to a neighbor to seek help. On March 16, she captioned the video, showing Shonka with a masked young boy, who was jiggling on a turntable.

My firstborn loves going to the guitar shop to see all the new instruments and gear. He even showed me a fantastic turntable set up that he loves. He's so grateful to be his mother.

She has only one major film role.

Shonkas famous role as R&B singer and songwriter Willie Mae Big Mama Thornton would be her first and only major acting role. Along with director Baz, she also starred in her breakout role alongside Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, and Olivia DeJonge.

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I was very aware of this and wanted to be very intentional about paying respect to her, respecting her legacy, respecting her spirit, respecting everything about what she brought to music, and understanding that I can do it because she has done it and laid that foundation, according to The Tennessean.

She is also a gospel singer.

She is also known as a gospel singer. Nashville Mayor John Cooper lamented the loss of her immense talents in a tweet on Thursday. Her powerful voice and artistry will live on through her music, and we honor her memory on this sad day.

According to her official website, Shonka was influenced by her role in Elvis, and the album is a tribute to the blues music genre in honor of those fierce unsung pioneering musicians who pave the way for the rockn roll music revolution.

The film soundtrack features her voice.

Shonkas powerful voice can be heard on the Elvis film soundtrack while singing the legendary song Hound Dog. The Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller hit was recorded in 1952, years before Elvis would promote it further in 1956.

She holds a doctorate in Business Administration.

Shonka is said to be both highly educated and accomplished. She reportedly received a bachelors degree from Nashvilles Fisk University in theater. She also received a masters degree in education from Trevecca Nazarene University.

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