6lack reveals if he and Selena Gomez will collaborate on an album next year

6lack reveals if he and Selena Gomez will collaborate on an album next year ...

6lack said during his exclusive interview with HollywoodLife that he loves to hear everything. While talking about his collaboration with Johnnie Walker specifically for their Black Art Is Forever event during the Tribeca film festival, 6lack mentioned how she likes to listen to other people's worlds, hear what inspires them, and then figure out how to find my place.

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Will 6lack rejoin Selenas' Only Murders In The Building MC on this new project? It's a possibility. I'm always down the first time. I'll never be down again.

6lack believes that he is able to collaborate with similarly-minded artists and brands. This is why he has partnered with Johnnie Walker and Blacktag, a worldwide platform that aims to foster economic empowerment for Black artists and technologists, as well as the First Strides Creator Grant program, which supports the economic advancement of Black artists as part of their First Strides initiative.

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Whatever I learned [from these collabs], it's fun to bring it back to my world and say, okay, okay, I made an up-tempo pop song last year, and I'm trying to figure out how to make something with some movement this year,' he tells HL. I can take what I learned from an Afrobeat song and apply it to this, or I can take what I learned from being with Gorillaz and Elton John and discover my voice in a new way.

Calvin Harris's next album, Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2, will also feature 6lack. The rapper claims that his song on the album is a treasure.

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He says that I recorded the rough draft for that song several years ago. It was like, at the very least, like 2019, 2018, maybe 2018, because I was wondering when he would like, re-emerge and to do something with it. It wasnt mine, and then, for sure, he texted me one day. Were getting ready to drop, and we want to use the song. So im excited to hear [it], and] everyone elses song.

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