Julian, John Lennon's son, explains why he legalized his name and how he ended his life

Julian, John Lennon's son, explains why he legalized his name and how he ended his life ...

Julian Lennon changed his name during the fracas and chaos of 2020, and not many people may have noticed. Julian, the 59-year-old singer-songwriter said on the July 13 episode of the Word in Your Ear podcast that he eventually decided to legally change my name by default.

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Every time you had to introduce yourself, especially on board passes, you know you only have your first name, and so it would always be John Lennon, John Lennon, he continued (h/t PEOPLE). So I became very afraid and anxious in those situations, because most of the time people would never recognize me. So I just decided in 2020, Yeah, I wanna be me. It's time for a change.

The move was not by any means a way for him to despise his father or his mother, Cynthia Powell. I want to respect my parents' legacy and wishes, but all I did was change the names, and I became Julian Charles John Lennon, he said. It's a whole other world, but for me, it's a whole other world. Not that I'm ashamed or disgruntled, but I needed to finally be me. This is what Julian does, not Johns

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Julian has been on a path of reconciling his father's legacy and the impact it had on his own life. In April, Julian performed Imagine for the first time at a rally organised by Global Citizens Stand Up for Ukraine. According to Julian, the only time I would ever sing IMAGINE would be if it was the End of the World.

Julians opinion about being John Lennon's son has been changed for the first time ever. "I think I've laid my foundation on many levels of what I'm doing now," he said in an interview with the iHeartRadio podcastInside the Studio.

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