TyStringz, an Afrobeats artist, delivers a sexual and enticing jam in a new song Rora

TyStringz, an Afrobeats artist, delivers a sexual and enticing jam in a new song Rora ...

Rora, the rising music sensation, is enticing and full of sexiness. With production suitable for late nights under the stars or bright days by the pool, TyStringz's talents are evident. The song is delicate and it's hard to suppress the heat while listening to it.


TyStringz tells HollywoodLife that the song is called Rora, which means, in Yoruba, to take it easy but in a sexually seductive way. The hook is catchy, and the names are familiar to everyone throughout the world.

TyStringz's entire output reflects that worldly and unique perspective. His debut single, Shalaye(Reloaded), was released in 2021 and surpassed Whiz KidsEssence as the most popular Afrobeats song of 2021 for the first time. He's also released two new tracks, Body and Dish, all of which have received over 100k Spotify streams.

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TyStringz' alter-ego works as a cloud software engineer during business officers, having graduated from college at the age of 19 before earning his masters degree in computer science at 22. My music is not work for me, he claims. It's fun. I can play jazz, soul, bluegrass, rock and roll, and R&B.

TyStringz says he has only been in the United States since 2015. When I play those styles, those elements, those melodies, you can hear the Afrobeats influence. I'm huge on lyrics, but also huge on melody. Fans will experience that full range sooner than later.

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