Halsey Shows Off Her Tiny String Bikini While Wearing a Baby Tattoo: Photo

Halsey Shows Off Her Tiny String Bikini While Wearing a Baby Tattoo: Photo ...

Halsey, 27, wore an adorable bikini in a new set of vacation Instagrams posted on Wednesday, Jul. 20. The word Baby adorns their lower abs.

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Halsey, who had welcomed their son Ender last year, wore the tiniest and most sexiest floral bikini in front of a desert backdrop. The little triangle top and string bottoms let them show off their chiseled figure and tattoo collection in full display. They lifted their arms to protect from the sun and showcase their sleek physique.

The stars' legs and torso were decorated with tattoos of all kinds, and in another close-up, Halsey displayed a new baby tattoo, low on her belly between her hips, revealing the stretch marks from their pregnancy with son Ender, who just celebrated his first birthday last week.

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Halsey took other photos from the set that showed him enjoying the downtime, which they described as a lightning fast post tour re-charge before the launch of their next project, AF94 cosmetics. They marveled at the surroundings, took more mirror selfies, and took a meal photo to boot.

In a July 16, 2022 birthday message, Halseys joked about their son Ender. They continued, writingTime flies, and I want to land the plane. permanently. your baba and I love you so much. You are smart and fiercely determined and funny and curious and funny!

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In an op-ed for Vogue published on July 1, they explained how a post-miscarriage procedure saved their lives. Every person deserves the right to choose when, if, and how they experience this dangerous and life-changing experience.

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