Ukrainian First Lady compares war with Hunger Games: Theyre hunting peaceful people

Ukrainian First Lady compares war with Hunger Games: Theyre hunting peaceful people ...

When she addressed Congress on Wednesday, July 20, Ukraianian First Lady Olena Zelenska compared Russia's attacks on her home country to the Hunger Games. Zelenska began her speech by revealing many of the war's victims and pleading with lawmakers to send weapons. They are also related to Russia'sHunger Games, which she believes are taking place in peaceful cities in Ukraine.


"Those are Russia's 'hunger games' in search of peaceful people in Ukraine's peaceful cities," says Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska to Congress during a slideshow of war casualties.

"This information will never be broadcast on their news." says the author on

Zelenska said that Ukrainians are very grateful for the United States' assistance in protecting her home country, besides her heartbreaking accounts of the many people murdered in Russia attacks. "We have provided you with tremendous assistance," says the speaker. Unfortunately, the conflict continues.

Im asking for something right now, and I would never want to ask. Before explaining how the Ukrainians would not use weapons to invade someone elses land, but to protect their homes. She also requested that air defense systems be installed to counter assaults.

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Zelenska made an emotional appeal to Congress as a parent who wants her children to be safe in their homeland. We want every father and every mother to be able to tell their children to go to sleep peacefully, no more air strikes, no more missile strikes. This is freedom among free people. People who understand what they are advocating. They live for.

Zelenska has long been an outspoken voice as her country defends itself from Russian invasion of Ukraine. She has also shared video showing some of the attacks against Ukraine, including attacks on hospitals. Her videos highlight what she fears the war might have on Ukrainian children and their families.

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When Zelenskas husband addressed Congress, he called on President Joe Biden to close the sky over Ukraine and showed a graphic video depicting Russia's attacks. I wish you to be the leader of the world, according to Zelenskyy.

The Ukrainian First Lady's address to Congress came just two months after US First LadyJill Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine on Mother's Day. "I thought it was important to demonstrate to the Ukrainian people that this conflict must stop, that this war has been brutal," Biden said.

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