Everclears Art Alexakis Explains Why The 90s Revival Is In Full Effect: Kids Are Hungry For Rock n Roll

Everclears Art Alexakis Explains Why The 90s Revival Is In Full Effect: Kids Are Hungry For Rock n R ...

Everclear has discovered that the sound that spawned them in the early 1990s is resonating with Gen Z. The group, created and led by Art Alexakis, is on tour in support of the 30th anniversary re-issue of World Of Noise.


When it comes to the re-issue, Art tells HollywoodLife that 20 to 30% of our programs are "full of" kids in their late teens or early to mid-twenties. [These fans] were not even born when we started out in the 1990s.

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What is attracting these young people to this guitar-powered sound? Art responds, and they're just interested in rock and roll. They've taken a liking to the 1990s, when college rock and underground punk movements developed the mainstream alternative rock that defined the decade. The 90s are more exciting to them, according to Art.

Man, this is a journey! They're equally appreciative and surprised. Little children like singing all the words, not just the hits, even the deep songs. Tonight, I played Blondes. And there were two little girls that were like, not much older than my 14-year-old daughter. They're singing the words to Blondes, and one of them is blonde. They point and go, now I realize it's not real! I'm like, am I in some weird parallel universe?'

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I think that the element of rock and roll and the ability to express itself without being pretentious is so strong that it just will not die, according to Art. Regardless of what program directors and record labels and everyone else seem to dictate, that need for communal rebellion is real, and kids will find it.

When he holds up his phone, he realizes that everything you want is right on this tiny device. Yet, for a long time, World Of Noise was not available on streaming services. He then licensed the music to an independent label, according to Art. TK records were like, sell it to us for five thousand dollars. I was like, okay, I'll license it to you for three thousand dollars.'

When we went to Capitol Records, they were like, we want you to sign over [World Of Noise] here, for a dollar, all ownership and rights. Im like, no, thats not going to happen.' Once again, the label tried to purchase the album, but Art negotiated a five-year license agreement with Capitol.

Everclear released their breakthrough album, Santa Monica, in 1995, alongside alternative radio classics Heroin Girl, Heartspark Dollarsign, and You Make Me Feel Like A Whore. In 1997, they released the groundbreaking follow-up, So Much For The Afterglow, which featured band-defining vocal songs.

As Everclears' career grew, Art admits that he lost track of the masters for World of Noise. I didnt know where they were. Fans wanted to hear the band's music before they released it, without having to buy the out-of-print cassette on the secondary market.

Art acknowledged that he did not want to re-release the album with the 1993 mastering. The mix was unsatisfactory to him, and audio equipment had advanced in the thirty years since the album's first release. He wanted the album to be good for 2022 listeners.

Luckily, he wouldnt have to. He discovered the long-lost master tapes and from there, he knew what needed to be done. When I found the master tapes, I was like, okay, now I'll pay the money, because now there's a really great sounding version with really cool bonus tracks. It's been rebuilt a bit, and I'm really proud of it.

Everclears' 30th anniversary tour is coming to an end in September, and the band will sing a new song. It's called Year Of The Tiger, because it's the Year of the Tiger, according to Art. It's a great way to immerse our fan base.

Man, I've made a lot of albums. It's a lot of work. I'm making everything and writing just about everything. It's a lot of work, and I love doing it. Im done. Im 60, you know? Do a couple of songs a year, and spread lots of love with the band.

World of Noise is out now. Click here for further information on Everclears' 30th Anniversary Tour and additional dates.

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