SkinTok's New Skin Care Cure-All Is Tretinoin, So Call Your Dermatologist ASAP

SkinTok's New Skin Care Cure-All Is Tretinoin, So Call Your Dermatologist ASAP ...

Retinal, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C have all been lauded as skin care heroes, but recently, another buzzy ingredient has been causing a stir on TikTok. For its acne-fighting abilities, it can also treat hyperpigmentation and texture issues, and it has been shown to heal sun damage.

According to Dr. Alexis Parcells, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York and New Jersey, tretinoin works to improve our skin's appearance, as well as reducing inflammation and hyperpigmentation. Collagen synthesis can smooth fine lines and improve skin tone and texture.

Tretinoin is efficient at promoting the healing or repair of affected skin as well as the elimination of pores, which is why it is so helpful for controlling acne-prone skin, according to Dr. Peter Young, MD, the more dead skin you're able to shed, the better, according to Parcells. With retinol, you'll likely to see comparable results.

What is the dosage of tretinoin?

Because tretinoin is so powerful, it is available in very small doses. Usually, tretinoin is found in the form of a cream, but it can also be found in a gel form. First and foremost, you should consult with a dermatologist to determine your exact tolerances.

What are the side effects of tretinoin?

Parcells says the most common side effect when starting to use tretinoin is skin irritation, although this can be somewhat mitigated by gradually increasing your dosage as your skin begins to recognize the active ingredient. Initially, expect redness, peeling, and flaking of your skin, but many TikTokers who swear by tretinoin have reported a purge period.

Both Young and Parcells advise against exposing your skin to tretinoin and sunlight at the same time, because it may result in blistering. Apply tretinoin at night and rinse your skin in the morning, and moisturize with an oil-free moisturizer.

What are the best ways to manage the effects of the tretinoin purge?

Who should be using tretinoin?

Young claims that while the majority of people will no longer have acne by the end of their teenage years, some Gen Zers, particularly women, will continue to develop breakouts in their 20s, and that tretinoin can be very beneficial for treating acne in the early adult years.

Why does SkinTok so much like tretinoin?

Allison Whalen, a TikTok lifestyle influencer, tried tretinoin over a year ago. She explained how she handled the discomfort that comes with using the medicine, and how she halted the effects in just six weeks.

Tretinoin before-and-after pictures

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, or, in this case, in the prescription face cream.

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