Aspects in Astrology Describe How The Planets Connect With Each Other

Aspects in Astrology Describe How The Planets Connect With Each Other ...

Astrology is a philosophical study of the relationships between the planets and ourselves. We must first examine the planets' relationships with one another. Interpreting aspects help you to better understand yourself, your connection to others, and how current energies affect you.

Valerie Mesa, a Miami astrologer, tells Elite Daily that aspects are the connection two planets are making with one another. Are they in sync, are they in alignment, is there friction? Aspects are also often described as the interactions planets are having with each other and their capacity to blend energies.

When you hear astrologers say, "Jupiter is opposing Uranus this week," you're talking about the planets in the zodiac, which is to say, the sign that planet is in (Aries), which is to say, the opposite of the zodiac sign.

The lines and angles connecting signs and planets in a circle chart are a sign of the aspect being drawn. For example, a line straight across the graph is a sign of an opposition. These are further broken down into two categories, commonly called hard and soft aspects. However, professional astrologer Dalanah of the Moon Matters podcast believes she prefers the terms harmonic and dynamic to harmonic.

Why Are Astrology Aspects Important?

Dalanah believes there are four main areas of astrology to look at in order to get a complete picture. There are the zodiac signs, the planets, houses, and aspects, which are really the ones that really enhance the chart and make it personal.

The beauty of this is that certain aspects may be able to completely alter your birth chart beyond the surface of how many planets you have in which sign. If you look at all of this, you might assume that you have a Libra-like diplomatic and laidback communication style. But the juice is in the aspects. Lets say that Mercury in Libra is in opposition with a Mars [aggression] in Aries, Mesa offers. That would not necessarily give [the chart holder] the whole Mercury in Libra title.

Are you familiar with these aspects right now? They are the explanations for the relationships between planets (and the signs they currently reside in), and knowing these details will help you understand the subtle nuances not only of your own birth chart, but of your horoscope as well. For synastry, these details will detail your disagreements, passion, or harmony.

Astrology's Five Major Aspects

When it comes to a conjunction, Dalanah said it is when the planets are in the same place, in the same degree of the zodiac wheel. The energy is very balanced and it is very strong, as two people sitting right next to each other having a conversation.

It's easy to imagine that two planets chilling in the same sign would make this a no-brainer harmonic aspect, but not so fast. It depends on which planets are involved. Planets are classified in two categories: benefic and malefic.

If your sun meets the sun of someone else, the interaction between your personalities will be immediate, although malefics will make the conversation less fluid. Say two people have Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction) conjunct, Dalanah previously explained to Elite Daily. Similar concepts may apply to your natal chart as well as planetary transits: Sun-moon conjunctions may create tension.

According to Alice Bell, a dynamic aspect is considered as a bad sign when the planets are 180 degrees apart. In fact, you need dynamic aspects in your birth chart otherwise you would not have anything motivating you to grow and evolve. In relationships, though, things may be a bit easier, since there's a lot of development going on in the relationship.

The opposition has a powerful effect on people. Think of it as the love/hate aspect. When you meet someone you admire and admire deeply, they may grate on you. The planets cannot be further apart, and they are essentially in a stare-down of stubbornness with each other. Its very much a collision of wills.

If there is an internal conflict between two people, the tension can lead to positive outcomes if both parties are willing to communicate and work with one another, as oppositions often provide each person with what the other fails to accomplish. In a natal chart, an internal conflict can be whatever you choose to make of it.

People may be feeling awe or sadness depending on which planets are displaying themselves in real time. That is why we feel so heavy or uncomfortable whenever there is a full moon because the sun, our self, is sitting directly across from the moon, which is our inner world, according to Mesa.

A square is another dynamic feature, bringing the tension. While an opposing party can be seen as a direct combative energy between two opponents on either side, a square is like the planets square dancing around each other, avoiding getting too close. Their energies never line up because when one moves, the other does too. Squares are very rough, like sandpaper, says Dalanah.

When two planets are in signs that are 90 degrees apart and have the same substance (cardinal, mutable, or fixed) but nothing else, there's often tension between them, as Bell previously explained in Elite Daily. This isn't necessarily bad though, as you need to increase.

Squares carry you to the brink of bankruptcy, as the issues they bring up continue to resurface until you are forced to confront them. These problems arise from two entirely different energies attempting to move in two completely different directions with the same amount of force; this person's sexual desires (i.e. spontaneity and independence) would run completely contrary to what they want in a relationship (i.e. stability and family).

According to Bell, squares are extremely common among couples. Often the signs will attract signs of the same substance, which is a strategy for growth, introspection, and sexual tension.

When you have squares forming with transits, there can be a lot of tension with the planets involved. For example, squares to the moon can leave you feeling depressed for a day or so, while squares between slow-moving celestial giants like Saturn (restraintion) can indicate a longer-term period of global hardship and revolution.

When two planets are trine, they are four signs apart, or 120 degrees, putting them in the same element. It's a very harmonious aspect, in fact, it's the finest harmonious aspect you can have. When two planets are trine, they are both operating with the same agenda and are familiar with each others energy.

Trines can also indicate what you're naturally good at or may take for granted, which is why they can also be notoriously unmotivating. Despite the fact that it's a hall pass, you still have to deal with it, Mesa previously told Elite Daily. The doors are locked, but you have to walk through the door.

The planets in a trine interact and cooperate in a complementary way. For example, if the moon is trine the sun, your sex life might be smooth, because your planet of love, beauty, and sensuality naturally connects with their planet of passion. Mercury and the moon may also indicate a natural ease in communicating your emotions.

Two planets are sextiled when they are two signs, or 60 degrees, apart. This is another harmonic aspect, although it isn't as obvious as a trine. It's a subtle, friendly one. When two planets are engaged in a sextile, they're able to cooperate more easily. As Dalanah previously said, a sextile is a rager with a keg stand and everyone's enthused.

Sextiles refer to situations where you and someone else naturally get along without fuss. The energies just work and might even fly under the radar because while theyre cooperative, theyre not loud about it. It's one of those things that you're drawn to, according to Dalanah previously.

According to Mesa, a sextile shows how easily two planets can communicate and understand each other in your own chart.

The major five are the most noticeable, although there are other aspects as well. Next time you examine the planets, you'll remove all the black and white from your interpretations, and you'll have a more nuanced, layered analysis of the energy at play. It'll be one that's equally as layered and nuanced as your personality in life.


Dalanah, a professional astrologer, and host of the Moon Matters astrology podcast

Valeria Mesa, a professional astrologer, soul coach, and writer, has been astrologe, soul coach, and writer.

Alice Bell, a British Vogue astrologer and host of the Astrology and You podcast, has been an inspiration for me.

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This article was first published on 09.26.17.

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