My tastebuds were taken for a wild ride by the Velveetas Veltini cocktail

My tastebuds were taken for a wild ride by the Velveetas Veltini cocktail ...

The Velveeta Veltini, your new signature cocktail, has arrived just in time for the dog days of summer, and it's made with the flavor of Velveeta. Yes, Velveeta. On July 20, the cheese company launched an all new cocktail, which is even better than you would expect. Read on to see where to get it, as well as a review of the Velveeta Veltini.

The Velveeta Veltini may seem like an unconventional pairing (trust me), but if you like martinis or cheese, the unique sip might be more appropriate. Plus, the Velveeta Veltini has a slight yellow tint, a Velveeta-stuffed olive shell on the top, and a cheesy topping as the name implies.

The Velveeta Veltini may not be the most enjoyable sip by name (or appearance, TBH), but you know what they mean: you cant judge a book by its cover, or a martini by its cheese. That's why I tried the unique beverage for myself, and lets just say it has its pros and cons.

Review of Velveeta Veltini

After my first sip, I noticed how sultry the Veltini was, though it wasn't as yellow as I expected. The aroma was strong on my first sip, though, but I persevered and prepared for the unexpected flavors ahead.

If you're not a cheese lover, skip the Veltini. It was inevitable, but I didn't expect it to be that cheesy. Fortunately, I was able to handle the unusual cheese taste in my cocktail. The Velveeta Veltini may not be the drink for you if you prefer to keep your martinis clean.

The vodka waszwarte, but it was certainly there, which meant that my tastebuds had to work together to get the best combination of cheese, salt, and vodka flavors at once. It never sounded like I was drinking straight Velveeta, which is a plus, after all.

If you like cheese and want to try it out with the Velveeta Veltini, you're not going to want to miss out on that opportunity. It was the salty dirty martini brine that ruined the rest of the glass for me.

Where Can I Buy The Velveeta Veltini?

From July 20, the Velveeta Veltini will only be available at selected BLT Restaurant Group locations nationwide, including BLT Steak Washington D.C., BLT Prime New York, and The Florentine in Chicago.

The Velveeta Veltini is, appropriately, only available to order during golden hour, between 5 and 8 p.m. local time. The cheesy martini is priced at $15 a glass, and the adventurous sip will be available for a limited time.

The Velveeta Veltini kit for yourself may be ordered via the BLT Steak website on the Goldbelly website, as well as two martini glasses, a recipe card, and cocktail picks. All of this for $49.95.

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Please ensure that your order is placed sooner rather than later, as there are only a few Velveeta Veltini kits available on the Goldbelly website. No pressure or anything.

The Velveeta Veltini should definitely be on your radar, whether you're a foodie who enjoys the unconventional or you're just into it for the Gram.

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