Why Can An Opposition Be Such An Extensive Aspect In Astrology?

Why Can An Opposition Be Such An Extensive Aspect In Astrology? ...

What happens when two people who aren't alike are brought together? Will there be an instant dislike? A tense exchange? Sometimes, yes. Perhaps they'll discover they've more in common than they initially assumed. Maybe they'll even discover they're perfect. Which is why it's so thrilling.

Aspects include the way planets communicate with each other and how well they understand each other's energies. While there are many other minoraspects, these five represent the most powerful part of the circle. Say you have the moon sitting in Cancer, and Mars is in Capricorn, and you're forming an opposition.

When it comes to significations, this aspect is not the most cut-and-dry. Do opposing people really attract? Or are their inherent differences too great to handle? Below, astrologers discuss exactly what oppositions mean when it comes to your birth chart, synastry, and planetary transits.

What Are Astrology's Aspects?

Why should you care? After all, you already have the signs and planets to consider. Isnt that enough? There are still plenty of ways to complicate things further in astrology, according to professional astrologer Dalanah of the Moon Matters podcast.

Aspects can be described as the interaction between planets and their attitudes toward each other. Dalanah likes to think of it as a conversation, where the aspect describes the tone of the discussion. Do the planets understand what the other is saying? Are they able to combine their energies and work together effectively?

Aspects may occur in several situations, each implying different things. First, there's your birth chart. Aspects here will reveal yourself as far as your personal strengths and weaknesses and fine-tune your whole chart. Also, in what's called synastry, compatiblity, you can see how the planets are moving in the sky for a certain period of time.

To avoid the unpleasant connotations, Dalanah divides the five major aspects into harmonic and dynamic aspects rather than the usual hard and soft classifications. Instead, think of dynamic aspects (squares and oppositions) as lessons that take work and carry weight, depending on the planets involved.

What Is Astrology's Opposition?

Two planets are 180 degrees away from each other and six zodiac signs apart when facing off. This vast distance they share gives them two very different perspectives. Its a stubborn, immovable force, she adds. Were facing off right now, we couldnt be more opposite.

The signs are opposites, and the houses they are in are also opposites. For example, the first house, the seventh, is also known as the house of the other. This aspect can almost be described as more intense than a square because its so intentional and confrontational that the planets are staring each other down rather than just feeling uncomfortable bumping shoulders.

Nevertheless, even if these planets believe they have nothing in common, what they may not immediately realize is that the other planet also contains what they lack. If they can bridge the gap between them and reach an agreement, it may result in enormous growth.

Valerie Mesa, a Miami astrologer, tells Elite Daily that transits can help you anticipate what you should expect on a daily basis. Youre looking at the sky and seeing what the planets are doing and how theyre interacting with each other. This information is critical to understanding what type of energy will be affecting the collective and yourself more specifically when you examine aspects of your natal placements.

The length of time an interaction between celestial bodies lasts and is felt depends on the planets involved. When you examine the slower-moving outer planets, like Saturn or Jupiter, youll notice the topics of longer-term global events and shifts. Like the moon, the moon zips through signs in about two and a half days, so the energy is constantly changing.

What is the monthly change? The full moon, when the moon is opposite the sun, is a call for balance, but it is also why we feel so sluggish or uncomfortable whenever there is a full moon because the sun, our ego, is sitting directly across from the moon, which is our inner world, according to Mesa.

Take Mercury and the sun as an example. In general, that would mean that the two intellects are at odds with each other, according to Dalanah. The sun wants to be at the center stage its like, I am your spiritual intellect, I am your soul, listen to me. And Mercury is like, Well, I am your actual intellect, listen to me.

When the sun is opposing Mercury, the two must figure out how to move together and understand each other while they are arguing who is right. This conflicting energy might have you struggling to make out what you want to say or saying things in ways you dont want to. It may just go wrong or egotistical... because [both planets] are attempting to impose too much power.

When you have an opposition in your birth chart, it can be something to be proud of. It can be an incredible motivating and motivating aspect, but it's something you need to master to keep it from happening to you. Perhaps you've chosen to act one way but feel another. Perhaps you've been tethered to two different instincts in your birth chart.

When the sun and Mars are opposite one another in a natal chart, it can send a loud or intensely excitable energy that can come off as frightening. Mars is absolutely wretched, and you may be very impulsive, rash, and aggressive, according to Dalanah. When channeled properly, [its] great, she adds.

When you have an opposition in your birth chart, it means two planets are never allowing each other to rest, but it can also mean they will refuse to stop watching you grow.

If you have Mars and Venus, you can turn up the heat, according to Dalanah. It's never bad to have Mars and Venus in aspect when it comes to sexual attraction, but that might just be a bad romance as well, she says.

When Mars and Venus are in sync, the signs become even greater. She adds, everything you say is a fighting word. With Mars and Venus, the situation is calmed. It can be a little more coy, but when Mars and Mars, there is no coy... Theres just a lot of rage and passion that needs to go.

Say your moon and their Venus are in an antagonistic position. This is where there's a lot of compassion and understanding, but it might also be misplaced, according to Dalanah. This relationship, which is also Venus, may be very passive-aggressive. When you're not careful, there may be some missed feelings or feelings of not being seen, adds Dalanah. Both want things to be smooth and flowy.

The beauty of an opposition is that you really have no clue how the energy will play out. All you can do is try to open your mind to a different perspective and hope you will come to an agreement.


Dalanah, a professional astrologer, is the host of the Moon Matters astrology podcast.

Valeria Mesa, a professional astrologer, soul coach, and writer, has been contacted by E-mail.

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