Maya Hawke has an idea for how strange things might rekindle Eddie's spirit

Maya Hawke has an idea for how strange things might rekindle Eddie's spirit ...

Stranger Things 4 spoilers are here. One thing fans want from Stranger Things final season is his return. He saved the town that unfairly vilified him in Season 4, especially during his final act. Now, everyone is attempting to figure out a way that he might reprise his role in Stranger Things 5. (Duffer Brothers, are you listening?)

Robin Buckley, Hawkes character, spent a lot of time with Eddie in Season 4 of Stranger Things, so its no surprise Hawke is one of the many people who wants Joseph Quinn to be a part of the next fifth and final season despite Eddies tragic death. I completely understand fans who want to see more of him, but she went on to express that resurrecting Eddie would be too unrealistic; the same people would be irritated!

Eddie can be brought back to life, according to Hawke, simply because Joe Quinn is such a fun guy to have on set.

Hawke is most certainly not the only one attempting to come up with a way Eddie might be able to resurrect in Season 5; fans are pointing to Eddie's climactic Master of Puppets song choice as well as the Dungeons & Dragons legend that Vecna has a loyal lieutenant who has vampiric powers similar to the demobats as possible proof.

Every Stranger Things fan is praying to see Hawkins hero lead another campaign, whether it's a ghost, a vampire, or just regular old Eddie. Since Season 5 of Stranger Things is still a long way off, fans will likely be waiting a while to find out if Eddie will be part of Season 5 or not. Here's hoping someone gets a glimpse of Joseph Quinn on film when the production begins.

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