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The next Elite Daily newsletter will be published on July 19, 2022 ...

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Here's Why Being in love IS Different From Being In Love

If youve ever seen an episode of The Bachelor, you know that there is a very specific way that people on the dating franchise express their feelings. First, they usually say that they can see themselves falling in love with the lead. Then, they will abandon those three magical words I love you without any qualifications. But is there really a difference between these two things?

We Need To Have A Conversation About Jeremy Allen Whites' Bear Tattoos

The Bear is coming to Hulu soon, so grab your ticket and watch it for yourself. Carmy, played by Jeremy Allen White, is part of Carmy's charm, but which are his own, and which are only for the show?


J. Lo and Bens Wedding Body Language Was Analyzed

Bennifer's wedding body language was sweet and tender, a fitting ode to two lovers who reconnected after 20 years. It's complicated, but what I see here is really nice, according to body language expert Patti Wood on Elite Daily. But what exactly does that mean? A comprehensive overview of all things Bennifer's body language and why you should 100% root for this duo

In the wake of rumors of cheating, EmRata and her husband reportedly broke up.

Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard were the definition of #relationshipgoals from their paper-clip proposal to their low-key courthouse wedding. However, four years after they married, it appears their love story may have ended due to rumors that the actor cheated on the model. READ MORE


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