Delhi Metro has awarded 300 permits for electric vehicles driven by women for last-mile commuter connectivity

Delhi Metro has awarded 300 permits for electric vehicles driven by women for last-mile commuter con ...

The Delhi Metro has issued 300 permits for electric vehicles that will be driven by women to provide last-mile connectivity to commuters, according to a statement on Wednesday. Under the first phase, a fleet of over 50 e-autos would begin operating in August.

ETO Motors has reached an agreement with the GMR Varalakshmi Foundation and MOWO, an NGO dedicated to improving safe mobility for women.

According to the statement, MOWO will train and onboard women drivers for last mile e-mobility services, adding that the initiative seeks to provide long-term income and enhancement opportunities for 300 women.

According to the ministry, the women will receive skill development training, ongoing support, and assistance in managing e-autos, thus enhancing their employability or assisting them become micro-entrepreneurs.

To increase their visibility from the commuter's point of view, women's e-autos would be blue and lilac in color.

A senior official from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) confirmed the information.

Deepankar Tiwari, non-executive vice chairman of ETO Motors, has trained 100 young unemployed women to drive electric automobiles in the 100% electric mobility city of Kevadia in Gujarat.

Tiwari said there are now 300 electric automobiles in Delhi's Metro Stations, driven by women who will provide last-mile connectivity to commuters who would use the metro service.

Thunderbox, an ETOs electric vehicle charging solution, will be installed at various metro stations, residential societies, and malls in Delhi to assist women drivers in getting quick access to charging stations.

Officials said the Delhi government had invited online applications for e-autos in October and November last year.

According to the survey, 19,846 applications were received from male applicants against the quota of 2,855 e-autos, while 743 applications were received from female applicants against the quota of 1,406 e-autos.

Later, the government issued a statement saying that 663 e-autos under the women quota were assigned to the DMRC on March 3 this year, with permission to operate through an aggregator or operator.

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