The most extravagant feature in Diablo Immortal has just been added

The most extravagant feature in Diablo Immortal has just been added ...

Diablo Immortal now allows you to change your character class frequently, and will not even charge you for doing so.

In the most recent Diablo Immortal update, a class change feature was introduced, allowing you to switch between classes in full freedom. Once you've made a purchase, you may switch between all six Diablo Immortal classes as often as you want.

Blizzard stated that it will not monetize the system either, and that it has no intentions to allow players to buy the ability to change classes more frequently in the future. Also, when you switch to a new class for the first time, you'll be given a batch of placeholder gear that will match the gear you used prior to the swap.

Cosmetics and gear specific to your class will not be passed on, although they will be available in your inventory in the future if you want to use them in the future. All of your social groups, including clans and Warbands, will be preserved.

The Shifting Flames brazier in Westmarch is required for players aged 35 and older, so you'll need to spend a few hours with the game before switching.

All are welcome.

The game's features are quite flexible. You may modify classes at no cost to your wallet or in-game stats, thus allowing you to experiment with the various character types before deciding on your favorite.

Although you must pass level 35, that's not necessarily a bad thing. The threshold should encourage you to explore a class before being able to dismiss it. If you choose a class, you may discover aspects of its playstyle that you would have otherwise overlooked if you switched immediately.

It's a little strange that this class change mechanic is completely free due to the game's aggressive microtransactions and hidden player caps. Players who are able to freely swap classes without having to restart Diablo Immortal from scratch are likely to stick with the game longer. With increased playtime comes increased opportunities to drop money on microtransactions.

Despite the freebie, we were not displeased with the freebie. After character creation, no other Diablo game allows you to switch classes.

A new six-part endgame quest that scales with your paragon level, a new cosmetic set in the in-game shop, and 36 new legendary items that address damage-over-time features

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