Over $525,000 in Ether Coins will be reimbursed to victims of premint hacking

Over $525,000 in Ether Coins will be reimbursed to victims of premint hacking ...

Premint's CEO has announced that the hackers who stole 320 NFTs from the Premint platform would reimburse them for the cost of 340 Ether coins. The thieves have been known to sell the stolen digital collectibles on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

The platform will be deposited into the 28 crypto wallets that were drained as a result of the breach. The floor price represents the cheapest available NFT in a given collection.

You may feel like this compensation isnt enough. However, I don't believe there is any other viable and objective strategy to achieve this. Mulligan said in a 28-minute live-streaming video of the situation on YouTube.

The two most expensive NFTs that were stolen a BAYC NFT and an Azuki NFT that were put up for re-sale by the hacker(s) have been purchased at the listed price and returned to their pre-hack owners, according to the Premint CEO.

Premint has also announced the acquisition of Vulcanmore, a wallet authentication tool that will be unveiled next week.

Premint allows NFT artists to create access lists for their NFTs with randomly selected collectors and community members to use for presales and giveaways, as described on its website.

A malicious JavaScript code was installed on the platform used by several big names in the NFT sector. Users were asked to click on a pop-up to verify their identities. The attackers have become victims of the hack attack.

Premint teamed up with a third-party contractor to perform on-chain testing to identify all of the NFTs stolen in this attack.

According to reports, the hacker(s) managed to get hands on expensive items from a popular digital collectibles series including Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)otherside, Moonbirds Odditiesand Goblintown.

The 275 Ether tokens that the hacker(s) obtained by flipping these stolen NFTs were then wired into unknown wallets after being passed from the TornadoCash crypto mixer to make the transaction private and undetectable.

The inquiry into the case is still ongoing.

Mullilgan said in a Twitter post that the past four days have been a series of phone conversations with lawyers, accountants, and Web3 leaders. It's been both informative and complicated.

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