Maingear has announced a remarkable new Pro series lineup that is driven by excellence

Maingear has announced a remarkable new Pro series lineup that is driven by excellence ...

Maingear's Laptop inventory has grown to include a large variety of new workstations.

These new devices are available in a few shapes and sizes, and are custom-made for every individual imaginative skilled, with the likes of new music production and online video enhancing named as excellent use situations.

The new Maingear workstation variety includes the Pro WS in a mid-tower, the Pro WS Max in a whole-tower, and the Professional RS in a vertical or horizontal rack unit.

Could this be the most powerful and efficient device?

Although each individual device is custom-built, there are space for up to four higher-end graphics playing cards, as well as support for some of the most recent processors like AMD Ryzen, Intel Main, and Intel Xeon, with up to 64 processor cores and 128 threads, making them ideal for critical resource-significant tasks such as photo enhancing or graphic design.

Maingear has developed these devices with a seem-damped front, prime, and sides, and presented Noctua A-sequence CPU Coolers to help with cooling.

Maingear claims that the Pro series has been designed to be easily upgradable for future component swaps and updates.

There is no standard pricing available for personalized equipment, although there is one major caveat: each get requires a consultation to personalize each individual piece.

Maingear's closest competitor appears to be Velocity Micro, a high-end boutique laptop vendor with an entry price of just under $12,000. Velocity Micro claims that their entry-level product, run by aThreadRipper Professional 5995WX, is for sale.

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