Apple Unveils Health Technology Strategy in New Report and Offers a Secure Place to Store Information

Apple Unveils Health Technology Strategy in New Report and Offers a Secure Place to Store Informatio ...

Apple unveiled a two-pronged strategy in digital health markets, attracting consumers with health and fitness features on the one hand and engaging with traditional healthcare systems on the other.

This is the first time that Apple has provided a comprehensive overview of its approach to healthcare markets in the eight years since it began releasing health features such as a medical record storage system on iPhones. It has also begun collaborating with institutions such as the Stanford University School of Medicine to conduct large-scale formal medical research.

Much of the work has been focused on Apple Watch models, including a smartwatch that Williams played a key role in bringing to market that includes sensors for cardiac health and other functions.

Apple stated that its goal for consumers is to provide a safe environment for users to store their health and medical information on iPhones while utilizing tools like the Apple Watch to warn and nudge users toward better health. The device can detect when a person falls awkwardly and alert an emergency contact, among other features.

The company also outlined initiatives it is working on with medical researchers to enable them to use Apple devices to conduct research, as well as allow patients to share and discuss data collected by Apple devices so they may monitor their health better between appointments.

Apple intends to continue developing health-related features for both users and the healthcare industry, according to Williams in the release.

Williams said that his vision for the future is to continue to develop science-based technology that empowers people with even more information and acts as an intelligent guardian for their health. So they're no longer passengers on their own health journey.

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