The following Apple Television 4K may be ready to go 8K

The following Apple Television 4K may be ready to go 8K ...

Evidence has been found in Apple's next major software updates such as for iOS on phones, iPadOS on tablets, macOS on Macs, and, of study course, tvOS on Apple Television set 4K that Apple will assist the following-gen AV1 movie format on its products in the upcoming.

AV1 has a particular plus point: it is more economical than existing video codecs (a codec is the algorithm by which an online video is encoded for streaming, and then decoded for viewing). This means you use considerably less information to stream a movie at the identical quality, or you can use the same quantity of information to stream an increased-quality video clip, this kind of as supporting 8K without having to invest substantial cash.

YouTube makes use of AV1 for all of its 8K movies, and Netflix has indicated that it would like to use AV1 for all streaming in the future, as it would save more bandwidth. At the moment, it cannot be supported on Apple equipment at all.

In the tvOS/iOS/iPad 16 beta, Codeworkshop.web (opens in new tab) and FlatpanelsHD (opens in new tab) supports the AVFoundation framework in Apple computer software, which allows creators to specify the software program which codec a video clip will use.

Even though we have asked Apple for their approval, this is a fairly clear indication that Apple will assist AV1 in its future updates. We will update if the organization responds.

Examine: Will the Apple Television 4K support 8K?

The recent Apple Tv 4K will be adequate to support 8K performance, or whether the much-awaited Apple Television set (2022) will be necessary to support 8K.

The first is the HDMI port on the recent Apple Tv set 4K, which is already capable of recording 8K at up to 60 frames per second. Nevertheless, the Apple Tv set 4K will not actually make full use of HDMI 2.1s higher bandwidth, which would render 8K unachievable in its current state.

Could Apple improve the pump? The article above is from 2021, but as far as we were aware, Apple hasnt completed it very significantly, so it may be that some hardware issue other than the HDMI port is preventing it. We have asked Apple once more if it is possible, and will update as soon as we hear back.

The second issue is the A12 chip that powers the Apple Tv 4K. In the previous, Apples chips had hardware decoding aid for AV1, which implies that there will be no ultra-fast, extremely-efficient decoding of this film type that can be performed in software, which typically involves using the chip's typical processing electrical power.

The Apple A12 chip has almost four decades of age, so the issue isn't whether it is capable of decoding 8K online video in real-time.

These worries may conflict with the primary rumor about the new Apple TV, which is expected to be released after this year or early next year: that its most substantial internal upgrade will be a more recent A14 processor with significantly more RAM. This might possibly give it the electrical power for AV1 decoding, and it might also be the processor that is held back again from making whole use of the HDMI 2.1 port.

It might be a while before any of this material comes to fruition, but if youve got one of the finest 8K televisions and are seeking for additional assistance, Apple is at minimum a person action closer to aiding you out.

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