Turn on Home windows 11's Dim Method in 3 Shorter Measures

Turn on Home windows 11's Dim Method in 3 Shorter Measures ...

Do you feel like your Home windows 11 machine is too bright most of the time, no matter how bright it is? Most appliances now allow you to select a default screen mode: perhaps light-weight or darkish. The default light-weight mode employs dim textual content on light (normally white) qualifications. Occur to the dim facet and you will see white textual content on black history.

Dark method has gained a ton of popularity over the years, with some apparent eye overall health benefits, such as reducing eye pressure and making it much easier to fall asleep at night. However, you may wish to try the dark method if you prefer the appearance.

I choose dim mode simply because gentle way tends to be equally effective for my eyes, and darker technique is finally quite pleasant to look at. Regardless of your motivation, if you want to make the switch to Windows 11, you are only a few tiny steps away.

Windows 11: How to Turn On Darkish Mode

1. Right-click on the Commence tile and go to Configurations > Personalization (or just right-click on your desktop qualifications and choose Personalize).

By suitable-clicking your desktop, you can conserve on your own a phase.

2. ChooseColours in the Personalizationmenu.

3. Go to the menu and select Darkish from the dropdown.

If you want different configurations for applications rather than Windows (e.g. the endeavor bar at the bottom of your desktop), you may choose Custom from the dropdown.

If you want even more customization, you may use that Shades menu to enhance the colors for your application windows. You may choose to match your desktop colors or just tint your windows to your preference.

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