Indian Railways will use Google Maps to allot exam test centers within a 300 km radius in order to shorten travel time

Indian Railways will use Google Maps to allot exam test centers within a 300 km radius in order to s ...

In a first, the Railways will now use Google Maps to link the location of candidates appearing for its exams to test centers located within a 300km radius in order to shorten their travel time. For decades, candidates appearing for the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) exams have complained about test centers being far away from their domicile, which resulted in long-distance travel costs, as well as accommodation and meals they have to pay.

Through Google Maps, we are linking the pin codes of each candidate to an exam center within 300 kilometers of their homes. Also, we are ensuring that the centers have easy access to different modes of transportation, like buses and trains. If this works, we will be able to resolve one of the most frequent and persistent complaints of candidates.

The Level 6 and Level 4 computer-based exams will be held on July 30. Around 60,000 people will take the test at roughly 90 locations for 7,026 positions.

According to the official, around 99 percent of candidates have been accommodated within a 300 km radius. The other 100 percent of female applicants have been accommodated within 400 km.

The majority of candidates took to Twitter after the RRB released the exam city links for the last set of exams, voicing concerns about far away centers.

A Kolkata twitter user stated that she had been assigned a center in Karnataka, while another in Bengaluru expressed her belief that she would be assigned a center in Ranchi, which is 1,900 km from her home. Another candidate said her center is 900 kilometers from her home.

Officials said candidates would get centers within the range, but it may be in a nearby state with good connectivity.

However, the Railways are finding it difficult to accommodate applicants within the 300-km range due to the absence of only a few test centres.

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