All Your Inquiries Are Answered, Even the Female in the Photo

All Your Inquiries Are Answered, Even the Female in the Photo ...

Netflix is working on more planet classaccurate crime documentaries, including The Girl in the Image, which examines Suzanne Sevakis' life and premature death.

The Girl in the Photo, directed by Skye Borgman, who also worked on an episode ofNetflix's Unsolved Mysteries, is a fascinating, but shocking, investigation into the life of a young lady kidnapped by now-convicted killer Franklin Delano Floyd.

What is Franklin Delano Floyd's current location?

Franklin Delano Floyd is still alive. He is 79 years old and is being detained at theUnion Correctional Institution. In 2002 he was convicted for the kidnapping of Michael Hughes and the murder of Cheryl Commesso and was sentenced to the death penalty. He is currently on demise row and is not expected to have a execution date.

What happened to the sisters and brothers of Suzanne Sevakis?

Franklin Delano Floyd took Sevakis, her two sisters, and her brother, following Sandra Brandenburg's conviction for composing a bad cheque. In the end, Floyd only ended up getting Suzanne, renaming her as Sharon Marshall and later Tonya Hughes. Suzannes two sisters, Allison and Amy, were dropped off at an orphanage and later located by her mother Sandra Brandenburg.

Phillip Brandenburg, Suzanne's brother, was not left at the orphanage with his sisters in 2019. In the long run he was identified by a DNA test in 2019. Phillip, believing he was the missing kid submitted a test and was identified to be the brother of Suzanne Brandenburg.

Michael Hughes' father, who is he?

When you saw The Woman in the Photograph, you'll notice that Suzanne Brandenburg, then known as Tonya Hughes, had a younger son, Michael Hughes, when she was killed in a hit and run accident.

Franklin Delano Floyd was not Michaels father, according to the documentary, despite his possess claims. As a result of a phone connection, Suzanne Brandenburg became pregnant with Michael Hughes. Higgs testified that Floyd told him he was the father during a phone contact.

Because the whereabouts of Michael Hughes are unknown, this is impossible to demonstrate. Franklin Delano Floyd was convicted of kindapping Hughes, and later confessed to his murder, but a system was rarely discovered in this situation.

Suzanne Sevakis: Who killed her?

No-one was ever convicted of the strike and run assault that eventually killed Suzanne Sevakis, who was later identified as Tonya Hughes. Franklin Delano Floyd was always regarded as the major suspect. Regardless of the point Floyd was convicted of killing Cheryl Commesso, there was not enough evidence to charge Floyd with the strike and run attack. Floyd confessed to shooting Michael Hughes twice in the head, but rarely confessed to the killing of Suzanne Sevakis.

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