Thor: The Love And Thunder Star Didn't Tell Parents They Were In It

Thor: The Love And Thunder Star Didn't Tell Parents They Were In It ...

Brett Goldstein, who has been a household name since joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has given a mixed reception inThor: Love and Thunder. In the final scene, Zeus (portrayed by Russell Crowe) is shown, indicating that he is not going to continue playing her in the Marvel Cinematic Universe later on. However, fans are still unsure whether the film will live up to its predecessorThor: Ragnarok.

Imagine starring in one of the most popular films of the year and neglecting to inform your parents before inviting them to see it. Thats exactly what Brett Goldstein has done, according to Variety. TheThor: Love And Thunderstar didnt tell his parents that he was in the film, before sending them to see it.

You have been warned!

Brett Goldstein was confirmed as Hercules in Marvel's latest filmThor: Love and Thunder, despite previously being rejected by Thor. The camera panning across to reveal Goldstein as the famous character: My mom texts me Russell Crowes in it again, hes very funny. I go, F****ng look up at the screen!

Brett Goldstein, who received an Emmy Award for his performance as Roy Kent in Apple TVs, has joined a long line of established actors attempting to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He says, "All I know is what I did that day and thats it." This might be because Goldstein was deliberately keeping the Marvel credits scene to himself.

Chiwetel Ejiofors Mordo can be seen in the end-credits scene slaying a fellow sorcerer and thus committing to ending all sorcerers henceforth. However, fans are yet to see the original version of the character inGoldsteinsThor: Love and Thunderappearance as a similar red herring?

Brett Goldstein's superb performance inThor: Love and Thunder has received a mixed reception throughout the year. Despite this, critics are unsure whether the film is a match for the sequelThor: Ragnarok.

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