On Netflix, you may stream It Or Skip It: Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi, A Docuseries About A Serial Killer Taunting Delhi Law Enforcement With Dismembered Bodies

On Netflix, you may stream It Or Skip It: Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi, A Docuseries About  ...

Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi is a three-part documentary directed by Ayesha Sood and produced by VICE India that chronicles the case of a serial murderer that would leave dismembered bodies around Delhi, usually along with notes that taunted Delhi Police with information they hadn't discovered.


Opening Shot: We hear news reports of numerous unidentified persons found near Delhi's highlands amid a greyish background shot of a television.

The Gist:Police respond to a phone call from a man saying he left a body at a gate of Tihar, a jail complex, wrapped many times, with no sign of where the head was. A note accompanying the document cursed out authorities, threatened them, and told them that the writer had been with law enforcement in the past.

Because the body couldn't be identified, the investigation lasted until 2007, when another body was dumped in front of the jail, this time with no note, but dismembered and wrapped in a similar manner, but soon after, another body was dumped, with a note that forensic experts discovered was written by the same person as the first note. Soon, Sunder Singh and his investigative team were on the lookout for a man named Chandrakant Jha, based on neighborhood slang he used

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi is a good example of other serial killer docuseries of recent vintage: Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer,Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer, Making A Murderer, etc.

Our Take: One of the things thatIndian Predator has going for it is that it does not stretch out the actual search for Chandrakant Jha, instead it goes over each incident in a lengthy manner and paints a biographical sketch of the culprit. Here are the bodies, here are why it was so difficult to investigate, here is why the idea of a serial murder in Indias capital city is unusual, and where they got on the Jhas trail.

We hope that Sood will investigate Jhas' psyche and why he felt compelled to kill; in one of his letters to police, he says he has to kill a certain number of people per year, or Ill lose my shit. But we were also fascinated by how the authorities managed to narrow the list of possible suspects to the point where detectives could use their informant network.

What the first episode demonstrates is that competent investigators are capable of cracking tough cases, no matter where in the world they are, with the benefit of life experience, attention to detail, and the ability to make contacts on the street. The other two parts will likely show Jha going through the legal system and explaining how he was actually sentenced to similar crimes in the late 1990s but ended up being released.

Skin and Sex: None.

When one of Singhs task force members notices a street vendor motorized cart, the pursuit of Jha takes a fortuitous turn.

Singh sounds humble, but he made a jerky move by telling his managers to give him three days to find the killer, and he found Jha on Day 3.

Most Pilot-y Line: Jhas phone calls, letters, and other communications are handled by an actor, with a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen that says Audio recreation is based on police records. The disclaimer, while necessary, is distracting, but it also takes the viewer away from the reality of what they are seeing on screen.

STREAM IT.Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi does not shorten its runtime with off-topic examinations of the time period or unnecessary biographical sketches. It discusses the inquiry into one of India's most troublesome cases and keeps viewers engaged.

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