Bad Exorcist, a Polish anime series about an inept Demon Hunter and his inept crew on Netflix, is available now

Bad Exorcist, a Polish anime series about an inept Demon Hunter and his inept crew on Netflix, is av ...

Why do animated series creators think it's funny to watch their cartoon characters drop f-bombs and talk about bodily functions and genitals? Granted, all of that stuff can be funny, but some artists seem to include those comments at the expense of anything relevant to the story or character development. That's the case with an NSFW animated series Netflix imported from Poland.


Opening Shot: The outside of a seedy pub. All of a sudden, someone is thrown out the window.

The problem with Marcin is that he fights demons together with a demon named Domino and their boss, Bogden Boner (who we believe does all three voices). Apart from that, Boner is also cheap because he hasnt paid Marcin for all of his demon fighting work and enjoys his booze.

Teen demons are stealing booze all over the city, causing such a stir in Hell that a newly-minted drinker on his 18th birthday spread poop on a statue that the Devil decides to increase the drinking limit from 18 to 21, and continue to enforce the prohibition on all smoking, including e-cigs.

Boner and his crew are hired by the local police chief to remove the thirsty demons who are forming out of pentagram-clad portals; Boner has a rave, and Domino has to fight for their lives when the water runs out before all of the demons die. Father Natan, who screams the hell out of Satan, giggles whenever he says the word ass.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? TakeSouth Park-style animation and combine it with Roger Black's raunchy oeuvre of Waco OGuin (Paradise PD, Farzar, Brickleberry) and you haveBad Exorcist.

The two seasons of Bad Exorcist (original title:Bogdan Boner: Egzorcysta) that have been removed from Netflix arent the only places you can see Bogdan Boner's exploits; there was also a previous series, Egzorcysta, that ran from 2017-19, with the Boner character an unnamed exorcist. We are not certain how Walaszek, the creator of both series, was able to squeeze four seasons out of

The first episode had extended scenes of Hells teenagers smearing poop and another where a husband attempts to conceal the fact that he consumes booze in the middle of the night.

The first episode was a total of 40 minutes long, and we did not want to go through any longer than that. Are there any particulars of Boner, Domino, or Marcin that will be revealed in subsequent episodes? Perhaps. But we were so irritated by the yelled dialogue and the herky-jerky animation that we decided we would not stay around to find out.

Skin and Sex: None, unfortunately, in the first episode.

Natan says, "Thanks for rescuing my ass" and giggles at the last word. Boner assures him he wasnt aiming the broken bottle at the demon that was attacking him.

None. Sleeper Star

Most Pilot-y Line: Ive got some news, sir. The first news is that you must watch the news, according to one of Satan's assistants. Uh, okay.

SKIP IT. The bad Exorcist is hard to watch, hard to listen to, and isn't at all funny.

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