Season 4 of Virgin River: What Happened in the Finale?

Season 4 of Virgin River: What Happened in the Finale? ...

This post contains important spoilers for Virgin River Season 4. Always be cautious.

Virgin River covered a lot of ground during its fourth season, which aired on Netflix on July 20, 2022. Yet the program still managed to leave viewers with a fair share of suspenseful cliffhangers and a whole lot of questions.

Season 4's 12 episodes included new characters, varied plot twists and turns, and finally answered long-held burning questions. In trueVirgin River fashion, thepacked season finale includes several goodbyes, a surprise wedding, more than one medical emergency, a seriously unwelcome guest, a paternity mystery solved, and a huge secret shared in the episodes final minute.

Virgin Rivers Season 4 Finale: A Lot. But have no fear, because we will unpack them all together. First, let's go back to the beginning.

What is the Virgin Rivercharm, anyway?

Virgin River is a romantic drama series based on Robert Carr's novels. It follows nurse practitioner and midwife Mel Monroe after she leaves her Los Angeles life behind to settle in a charming little town called yep, you guessed it Virgin River. Mel begins working with Doc Mullins (Tim Matheson), she meets locals like Mayor Hope McCrea (Annette OToole), and she falls for Virgin River's favorite bar owner Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson).

Mel and Jack finally establish a relationship, while his pal Preacher (Colin Lawrence) and local mom Paige (Lexa Doig) make strides in their huge setback, Jacks sister Brie (Zibby Allen) and Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) get a second chance at love, and more. Lets take a look at the Season 4 conclusion, shall we?

Season 4 of Virgin River: What Happened?

If you remember, Season 3 memorably ended with Jack almost asking Mel to marry him. She refused to reveal that she was pregnant, but she was unconcerned if Jack or her deceased husband Mark was the father? That's why there's a chance he might be the father, doesn't it?

The doubts about Mel's baby's paternity and her and Jack's fate as a couple loomed over viewers throughout Season 4. Thankfully, they both resolved in the finale. Jack asks Mel to marry him, and she replies yes! Two days later, they discover that Jack is the baby's father, and that's great news for everyone except for Dr. Cameron Hayek (Mark Ghanime), the handsome new guy who Doc hired to help out at the practice.

Cameron arrived, saw, and he crushed Mel. At one point he told her he didnt believe Jack was the right fit for her, so Cameron withdraws his responsibilities to return to San Diego. Mel worries that without Cameron, Doc would be overwhelmed when she goes on maternity leave. She resigns in hopes that Cameron will stay.

Doc has to deal with other issues, such as Hopes' health problems, and the fact that his long-lost grandson Denny is visiting him in Season 4. Despite this, Lizzie is hesitant to hire an aid to help her. Denny is famous for keeping secrets.

Lizzie would be a real pain to strengthen her bond with Denny due to the fact that his time is limited, but shell have a lot more free time in Season 5 now that Rickys (Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey) is out. In the final scenes, Jack, Lizzie, and the others of the Virgin River crew give Ricky a warm sendoff before he joins the Marines.

Lizzie and Ricky may have been separated, but it brought Brie and Brady closer than ever. After a tip from Brie, Mike was able to unravel the mystery of Jacks shooting, and the DEA dropped all charges against Brady. The pistol used to shoot Jack, which was discovered in Bradys truck, actually belonged to Vince (Steve Bacic), Paiges abusive ex-husband Wes' twin brother. A deputy who was helping local gang leader Calvin launder money admitted to planting the pistol.

Paige escaped town after accidentally killing Wes in Season 3? Vince visits town and kidnaps her son Christopher (Chase Petriw), then trades herself in exchange for her son's freedom. So Vince takes Paige to a cabin in the woods, and after Vince admits he shot Jack, Preacher smacks him in the head with a wooden log and he falls to the floor.

The episode was packed with action! And its last minutes sure didnt let up. As Bries gets into her car, she gets confronted by the man who raped her. He asks her to sign an NDA, but she refuses to reveal her identity until she meets Nicks sister, Melissa Montgomery, who may or may not have murdered him. Charmaine tells Jack, This is karma. The twins are not your babies.

GASP! Please send us your fifth season of Virgin River ASAP!

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