Ana de Armas Will Thrill You in The Gray Man, Woman Crush Wednesday

Ana de Armas Will Thrill You in The Gray Man, Woman Crush Wednesday ...

Summer 2022 is coming to an end, but we're here to give you a little respite in the form of your weekly Woman Crush Wednesday! Celebrities who have consistently made their way across the globe, from Cuba to Spain to the United States, have been lauded for their incredible performances, and for whom the sky appears to be the limit!

WHO IS THAT GAL:Ana de Armas

WHY WERE CRUSHING:De Armas will play Dani Miranda in the upcoming Netflix Original titleThe Gray Man, which will be released on the platform on Friday, July 22. The highly-anticipated action thriller follows a CIA black ops officer (Ryan Gosling) known by the names of Court Gentry and Sierra Six, who has just discovered some dark agency secrets, immediately making him a prime target for international assassins. At the same time, Lloyd Hansen (Ch

Jessica Henwick, Rege-Jean Page, Julia Butters, Alfre Woodard, Dhanush, and Billy Bob Thornton star in this heart-pounding film, which will be available soon on Netflix.

DE Armass' professional onscreen career began in 2006 when she played Marie in the Spanish-Cuban romance adventure filmUna rosa de Francia, alongside the well-known Cuban actor Jorge Perugorria. She has also appeared in feature films including 2007 sci-fi Madrigal, 2011 coming-of-age comedy-drama Sex, Party and Lies, and 2014 romantic comedy For a Handful of Kisses.

De Armas' role as Bel in the 2015 American psychological thriller Knock Knock, in which she played Keanu Reeves, sparked a worldwide interest in the actress. She then established herself as a household name across the world with her role as Marta Cabrera in the critically-acclaimed 2019 murder mystery filmKnives Out.

De Armas has continued to excel at it, appearing in new feature films such as 2020 biographical drama Sergio, 2020 crime-dramaThe Night Clerk, 2021 James Bond spy thrillerNo Time to Die, and 2022 erotic psychological thrillerDeep Water. We cant wait to see what else she has in store for the future.

WHERE YOULL SEE HER AGAIN: Thankfully, you won't have to wait much longer to see more from de Armas, as she already has two major projects scheduled to premiere within the next year. The first is Netflix Original biographical mystery-drama Blonde, which stars de Armas as Norma Jean and follows her on a fictionalized journey of her inner-life and how she became the bombshell we all remember today as Marilyn Monroe.

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