Aftershock on Hulu: A Harrowing Documentary About The Black Maternal Mortality Rate

Aftershock on Hulu: A Harrowing Documentary About The Black Maternal Mortality Rate ...

After it premiered at Sundance, Hulu purchased the rights to a documentary on the maternal mortality crisis, which was praised by the audience. Directed by Paula Eiselt and Tonya Lewis Lee, the documentary examines the factors that have resulted in a black epidemic that has affected four times the national average.


The Gist: Two men and their families want to use their deaths as a wake-up call for the medical community and foster a space for other grieving loved ones to come together. Dr. McIntyre and Omari Maynard lead the charge, while Dr. Neel Shah hopes to foster change from within the system.

What Will It Remind You Of?, though not entirely similar, The Janes became a spiritual successor to HBO Max's The Janes, which chronicled an underground network of women who aided other women in getting safe abortions prior to Roe vs. Wade. That film also depicts the birth of a movement; so does Aftershock.

Shawnee Benton Gibson, the mother of Shamony Gibson, who died during childbirth, is a model of resilience and strength in her own right, and she speaks openly and passionately about the epidemic in a way that makes you want to follow her to the ends of the earth.

A young mother-to-be in Tulsa expresses her skepticism about giving birth in a broken system, whereas a black woman having a baby in America is like a black man at a traffic stop with the cops, an overwhelming evidence of the ways racism affects every aspect of Black peoples lives in this country, often with fatal consequences.

Sex and Skin: It isn't a documentary of this nature, although there is a childbirth scene late in the film.

Because of the shocking strikedown of Roe vs. Wade earlier this summer, childbirth and maternity is a hot topic in contemporary America. Not only did it remove reproductive choice protections, it also forces birth in a country that is on the global list of maternal deaths, four times as high for Black people who are denied access to the same services as their non-black counterparts.

Aftershock, a new Hulu documentary, is a moving exploration of how racism has engulfed every corner of the country, and will entice you to take action. It shows two classic Black American families who have been struck by tragedy and their struggle to ensure that conversations about maternity and medical care begin to change. The directors provide fascinating testimony about the country's racist roots.

Serena Williams discusses her own traumatic medical experiences while giving birth, but the documentary breathes new life into a movement that affects tens of thousands of families. It's educational, frightening, and a must see.

STREAM IT. It's powerful, current, and inspiring.

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