Who Shot Jack on the Virgin River?

Who Shot Jack on the Virgin River? ...

Warning: This article contains important spoilers for Season 4 of Netflix Virgin River.

Fans of the Netflix series have been speculating about who shot him since Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) came in to find Jack (Martin Henderson) bleeding out on the floor of his bar in the second season of Virgin Rivers.

Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) Jacks a former Marine who was actually arrested in connection with the shooting in Season 3. However, he has repeatedly denied his involvement in the tragedy. Not to mention, several other suspects have appeared throughout the season.

Calvin (David Cubitt) and his right-hand man Jimmy (Ian Tracey) seem to be guilty as hell. It's no secret that Charmaines (Lauren Hammersley) and new husband Todd (Patrick Sabongui) have a number of strange bones to choose with Jack. Some fans are even questioning Jack's pal Mike (Marco Grazing) who seems to be putting the whole thing on Brady.

Season 3 picks up immediately following the shooting, then moves forward three weeks, putting viewers off from watching Jacks' recovery process. After the shooting, Jacks lost his memory and can't remember who attacked him.

Sue Tenney, the showrunner for Virgin River, told Entertainment Weekly in a 2021 interview that she always wanted the Jacks shooter to be a slow burn. She liked the idea of putting Jack in a vulnerable situation, which is he is a stressor for him because of his background with PTSD. She explained that everything is a stressor for him as he is always able to recall something simple.

So who shot Jack? I'll answer this in a second, but first, one more warning that spoilers for Season 4 are absolutely, positively on the way.

On the Virgin River, who shot Jack?

Calvins pal Jimmy gets arrested for possible involvement in the Jacks shooting in Season 3, but he is released shortly after Mike learns that he had a solid alibi. In Season 3, police search Bradys house and discover the pistol used to shoot Jack in Brady's vehicle. Brady claims he's being set up, yet Season 4 begins with him in jail.

Jimmy's cousin shoots Brady in the prison yard, sends him to the hospital, where Jack meets up with Mike and says he doesnt believe Brady shot him after all. Paige Lassiters (Michelle Logan) was a refresher, then Vince came to town and kidnapped her son Christopher (Chase Petriw).

Brady recovers from the hospital, and Brie tirelessly works with Mike to prove his innocence. Paige returns to Virgin River and learns Vince took Christopher, she accepts her sacrifice in exchange for his freedom. Preacher comes to Paige's rescue and tells Vince that Paige didnt mean to kill Wes, just as he didnt mean to shoot Jack.

Vince was the person who shot Jack. And we dont just have that flashback as evidence. Vinces rifle was recovered, and his DNA was discovered on a knife at the scene of the crime, too.

Mike declares to Brady that he is a free man after a tip from Brie aided him in uncovering the truth. After discovering that Deputy Howard was assisting Calvin in laundering money, Howard agreed to place Vince's weapon in Bradys truck to murder him. The DEA dropped the charges against Brady, so it's unclear if he's still alive or not. Only Season 5 will know.

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