Love, Accidentally on Freevee, A Rom-Com Starring The Always Delightful Brenda Song, Is Stream It Or Skip It

Love, Accidentally on Freevee, A Rom-Com Starring The Always Delightful Brenda Song, Is Stream It Or ...

Amazon's latest move in the streaming space is Freevee, which used to be known as IMDb TV. While they are putting a lot of money into original content, it is still entirely free. Love Accidentally is their first entry into the romantic comedy, and it features a friendly face in Brenda Song.


The Gist: Alexa (Brenda Song) and Jason (Aaron OConnell) are work colleagues vying for the same advertising account and a promotion. They are also living somewhat similar personal lives: both of them got dumped on the same day. When Alexa accidentally texts Jason (thinking it is her best friends number) about her broken heart, they unknowingly begin a web romance. They are not sure whether or not to risk breaking the spell to meet in person.

What Will It Remind You Of? A rom-com trope for the ages, Set It Up also treads similar ground to the celebrated Netflix original, but it lacks the same charm as that one.

Alexa and Jason's work besties are also their only friends, and both are quite likable in their minor roles. Pedro Correa as Brad is particularly entertaining as he pokes fun with Jasons growing feelings with the mystery girl.

Memorable Dialogue: There is a lot of excitement about who will text first and theyre both glued to their phones. When Jasons phone goes off, he and Brad are excited for a moment until he realizes it's his mother. I had a grilled cheese for lunch, mom, he says in a voice memo.

None. Sex and Skin

Its not surprising that this low-cost rom-com is still available on Freevee, after all. But while it retreads the beats of some of our favorite genre movies by leaning into the enemies to lovers plot and giving them a work crisis to navigate, there's little charm in the burgeoning romance. It's cheesy, which isnt a fault on its own, but it doesn't back up what it claims to deliver.

At some point in the film, one of the couple will realize that theyre actually texting their work foe, and have to confront the consequences and change their behavior in response to their new feelings. The issue with Love Accidentally is that after establishing that Jason is a Grade A cheat, he suddenly begins treating Alexa with kindness and respect long before he discovers the phone number swap. The character development in the first half of the film is entirely subversive to the lovers plotline.

The narrative is cheesy and underwritten, and the characters seem to only have their one work friend to lean on in tough times. Moreover, Brenda Song is under-used for a more exciting role after showing us her talents as London Tipton in Zack and Cody's Suite Life, which is a travesty. The world can always use more rom-coms.

SKIP IT: Our Call. The film lacks chemistry between the leads and does not respect the classic enemies to lovers trope.

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