Monsters from Resident Evils are the perfect match for games

Monsters from Resident Evils are the perfect match for games ...

Resident Evil has the best actors and writers in the world. But zombies are for nothing. Thats one of the many reasons why this new iteration of the game is so popular: while still remaining original and cool.

This series is based on highlighting creepy monsters. Nearly every episode sees Jade (Ella Balinska) or her 2022 counterpart (Tamara Smart) facing off a monster-of-the-week. These creatures often feel akin to classic battles, yet each encounter remains unique.

The first episode of Resident Evil sees Jade and Billie (Siena Agudong) face off against an infected Doberman. This is a clear homage to the first game, which featured a Doberman breaking through a window in a scene that haunted 90s gamers. These dogs have also appeared in the 2002 Resident Evil film and 2021s Welcome to Raccoon City.

Andrew Dabb, series showrunner, explained to Decider that these are characters from Resident Evil, but they arent necessarily the same monsters from the game. They have gone and gone. So how do we make our own world?

Dabb joked that his job was very simple: I write like, cool, giant caterpillar, and my tasks are completed. The visual effects department, they're enraged at me for writing that, and then they have to go out and figure it out. We were fortunate to have a lot of fantastic visual effects artists, directors, and actors working on projects such as Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, Loki, and Shadow and Bone.

It's one of those things where you see it on screen for 30 seconds or a minute. Youre like, Oh, my god, that was fantastic. From the writing and the pacing and when do we see it, when do we see it, to the visual effects to the editing, there's not one individual person who can take all of the credit. It's a very collaborative effort, and the group really executed these things exceptionally well.

In a behind-the-scenes conversation, Lingenfelser explained that the show is very much a visual effects presentation. You can see the care and attention to detail in every shot.

In some cases, the monsters in the show served as a way to enhance some classic moments from the games. For example, Welcome to New Raccoon City follows Jade's 2036 version as she faces off against a massive caterpillar. Grave Digger, a worm-like monster, was previously included in the Resident Evil 3 remake, thus now we know what a gigantic, well-rendered, high-definition version of the Grave Digger would be like.

The giant spiders in the franchise are treated the same way. These infected spiders were a common enemy in the first three Resident Evil games. They even appeared in the third games remaster.

The zombie crocodile has had a better makeover than the zombie crocodile in Resident Evil 2. It has since been introduced in the remake of the game. After teasing this particular beast for three episodes, Revelations finally unveils a super-duper-sized version of the zombie crocodile.

Do you know what people want? A hilariously massive monster that causes enormous amounts of cathartic damage while reminding us all how minor and stupid we are for daring to intercede with Mother Nature. That's exactly what zombidile provides.

The show is never content with delivering the absolute minimum when it comes to Resident Evils monsters. This show is a straight A student. Instead, most of the zombie crocs scenes take place in open fields in the middle of the day, a choice that truly highlights how massive and terrifying this creature is. And when zombicroc isnt shown on land, other scenes take place in the ever-astonishing depths of the ocean. Excellent.

It even performs a traditional croc death roll.

Resident Evils monsters aren't just beautiful, they're also functional. Most of the designs walk the line between disturbing and cool. However, what sets them apart is that they always understand the assignment. Often, the experience of playing Resident Evil can be summed up as screaming Oh shit! before laughing manically as you mow down more baddies, either in a weakened reaction to terror or triumphing as you hunt down more baddies. Just slap us the lid off while

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