Sintonia Season 3, where the lives of three young friends from Sao Paulo continue to unfold, is now available on Netflix

Sintonia Season 3, where the lives of three young friends from Sao Paulo continue to unfold, is now  ...

Sintonia, a Brazilian screenwriter, music video director, and owner of the most popular YouTube channel in Brazil, is a three-season series that explores the vibrant energy of life in the Sao Paulo favelas, as well as the neighborhood that its three main characters will always refer to as their home.


Opening Shot: A daylight aerial view of Paris, with its grand avenues rising out of the Arc de Triomphe. There's one ego in this small town that the City of Lights isnt big enough to hold.

DJ Doni (Jottape) is shown taking a deep breath as he demonstrates his Brazilian funk sound in the city's fringe neighborhoods. Rita (Bruna Mascarenhas) is standing before her church as one of the city's promoted candidates for city council. He has enlisted the help of an armed security guard for the birth of his second child, Enzo.

Cleyton (Matheus Santos) and his heart Rita have both been given the blessing of the Lord at a gathering in his compound, where spooky automatic weapons fire mixes with pulsing funk music and the scents of steak and tacos he watches. But then he's offered a lucrative drug trafficking opportunity. Maybe it's the job that sets Nando up to escape his life for the long haul.

Doni returns to Sao Paulo and reconnects with his girlfriend Lucrecia (Martha Meola) she does not need to know about his drug use and random hookups in Paris budding politician Rita boosts her social media presence. Naturally, her campaign starts in Vila Aurea, the favela village she has always been proud to call home. Jaspion (Julio Silverio) and Cacau (Danielle Olimpia) look on with pride. We deserve to be respected

Rita, who is bursting with enthusiasm for her campaign, leaves a meeting with her pastor and joins Cleyton outside for a ride on his motorbike. And then the cops roll up and punch his face into the pavement. You like killing cops, don't you?

What Shows Will Netflix Remind You Of? In Savage Rhythm, two Colombian dancers from different neighborhoods and financial standing form a vulnerable alliance against various forces that would see them fail. In Samantha!, Emanuelle Araujo plays a former child star who improvises a comeback.

Sintonia reverberates with the sights, sounds, and rhythms of life in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and its growing sector of peripheral communities. And inside Nando's compound, sizzling food and pulsing music compete for attention against the armed and dangerous realities of his organization.

Nando knows the heat is on and knows how horrible his life has become. But for Rita, there will soon be a day when she has to reconcile the street violence she has been exposed to with her blind faith in God's will. As the third season of Sintonia begins, it will be a test of what emerges.

Nothing in the first episode of Sex and Skin.

Rita has just received the encouragement of her pastor to pursue a serious relationship with Cleyton, the criminal who found God and repented. And when a group of policemen arrives on him with their guns drawn, they shoot him in the face.

Danielle Olimpia is fantastic as Cacau, who's streetwise nature is a fantastic foil for Rita's natural purity. When Cacaus is pointed out on the streets of Vila Aurea, Cacaus' expression changes rapidly. I dont like him already. She proceeds to blow vape smoke in his face for the entire encounter.

Most Pilot-y Line: Perhaps this is all he needed to get through the rest of his life. Like you did. Rita is giving Nando, a father for the second time, all of the credit in the world. But Cleyton just shrugs. He knows there are two Nandos, as there might be two of himself.

Sintonia pulses with street-level energy as it weaves the three central characters together and apart from one another.

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