Whoopi Goldberg Launches Shots at Climate Change Lawmakers: Take a Break!

Whoopi Goldberg Launches Shots at Climate Change Lawmakers: Take a Break! ...

On The View, climate change was a hot topic today.

Many of the ladies on The View blamed legislators like Joe Manchin for failing to implement a clean energy strategy while discussing record high temperatures in Europe, power outages in Texas, and extreme flooding in Hawaii.

What is the reason why is it taking so long? What is it that we dont get? What are we not seeing that is not freaking everybody out saying, Hey, somethings kind of going on? Whoopi Goldberg asked the panel.

Sara Haines, the host of Goldbergs, said, We have too much dirty money in DC because the energy companies are paying out in massive waves. We know that Senator Manchin has received a lot of money because he lives in a coal-producing state.

Haines continued. This is a we have a globe and we dont have a globe. We have an earth and we dont have an earth.'

Joy Behar agreed with her co-hosts' remarks, Were in jeopardy because of people like Manchin. People like him and the Republican party, according to guest host Lindsey Granger, Now if you look at Gen Z and millennial Republicans, there are many people who agree that climate change is something that they are voting on, and that the party is not a monolith.

Haines continued to address the Congress' ethics dilemma, in which members are not held to a code of conduct that requires them to recuse themselves if there is a financial interest.

Goldberg responded passionately. Youre doing a disservice to the people. Youre doing a disservice to the people you are supposed to be supporting. What is the point of this article?

Behar said, "No, they're waiting for the Eiffel Tower to melt." Returning to the European tarmac that melted due to the heat

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