Ken Jennings' Off-Color Circumcision Joke Rejoices Jeopardy Contestants

Ken Jennings' Off-Color Circumcision Joke Rejoices Jeopardy Contestants ...

Here's a tip: people love circumcision jokes, unless you're a contestant on a game show. On Monday night, Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings made a surprising comeback, satirizing viewers with a NSFW statement.

When Joshua told Joshua to get a knife and do this to male Israelites during a double Jeopardy round, Jennings quickly responded, That is correct. A painful $2,000 for you!

Fans took to Twitter to express their delight in having Jennings back as a host.

Ken Jennings just made a circumcision joke on Jeopardy. Already have him as the official host, according to one viewer.

Another wrote, Glad Ken Jennings is back, Mayim just doesn't bring much joy to the game.

Ken Jennings must be the permanent host of the #jeopardy program. He makes the program so great that nobody else sees it half the time.

Mayim Bialik, who plays Jennings and Big Bang Theory star, was announced as co-hosts of the game show last year. However, for the last several months Bialik has been filling in for Jennings.

Bialik explained to Newsweek in April that her fans' interest in the Jeopardy!champion was a surprise.

Bialik said it's been an incredible day in my life and career. I've never imagined the power of people's social media presence in particular.

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