Tyler Cameron's Freedom From The Bachelorette Scrutiny

Tyler Cameron's Freedom From The Bachelorette Scrutiny ...

The biggest drawback to fame is having millions of strangers dissect everything about you in the most public ways (thank you, social media). While it may be difficult to shed a tear for the rich and famous, constant judgment can damage anyones mental health. However, Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron has discovered one technique: running.

Cameron says of Zoom as a distraction from all of this. That's why running has been such a joy to me; it's been a way to unwind from all of that, clear my head, and concentrate on the next mile.

After being exposed to the public eye, he decided to pursue running only two years ago. The reality TV star quickly morphed into the pop culture zeitgeist with a close friendship with supermodel Gigi Hadid, a strong social media presence (may we never forget the Quarantine Crew), and a compelling memoir You Deserve Better.

Cameron says: "Every single one of my unfortunate experiences has been embraced and enhanced." Every one of those things I look back on now and I'm like, "I'm very grateful and blessed it happened that way or this way," or "It made me stronger." So, every day you go through now, you're going to be like thank God I went through it that way.

Cameron was the obvious choice when Degree was looking for a trainer to train its special team of runners, the Not Done Yet Marathon Team, for the 2022 San Francisco Marathon.

Cameron said: "I'm happy to be a part of their team." My thoughts about the women in their stories have gotten me thinking.

Sagirah Ahmed Norris, a Chicago native who is suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS), Michael Zampella, a New Yorker who is a kidney donor, and Florida native Ashley Zirkle, who is a kidney donor, are all more determined than ever to complete the 26.2-mile run on July 24th.

When I spoke with them, I was like, I have no excuse. Cameron acknowledges that everything they have gone through and what they're doing is beyond me.

Degree is also giving $50,0000 to Achilles International, a non-profit that assists handicapped individuals in obtaining athletic training and social connections. Up to 100 athletes may benefit from these services.

Cameron's role as a trainer for Norris, Zampella, and Zirkle involves regular check-ins and calls, with Cameron giving them advice on how to prepare for the big day. He gives them the usual nutritional and physical training advice while also instructing them how to conserve their energy (He says that he became too excited after his first marathon in Chicago).

When he runs alone, he prefers to listen to Grace by Lil Baby with 42 Dugg or Eric Thomas (a.k.a. ET, The Hip Hop Preacher) podcast. He also recommends finding a partner to hold you accountable when training.

The greatest advice he offers them or anyone who wishes to get into running is really all about the mental aspect of running: you must have a reason to.

When I run now, it's Come on, make mama proud, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. That's why I run, says Cameron. I'm just telling them to lean on that when you get to those tough miles. Do what you must do, pick yourself up, and keep going.

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