Nopes Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti had just one witness at their wedding: their dog

Nopes Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti had just one witness at their wedding: their dog ...

Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele have gone from being known names in the entertainment industry to two of the most sought-after actors in the business. Peretti began her career as a writer for various programs and then came out on the Kroll Show, but she became a household name after taking a role on the critically acclaimed Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She has also given her vocal talents to films like Big Mouth and Harvey Girls Forever.

Peele has worked on MADtv, Children's Hospital, Lovecraft Country, Hunters, The Twilight Zone, Big Mouth, and of course, Key & Peele, his breakout sketch comedy series with collaborator Keegan-Michael Key. He has been a four-time Academy Award nominee for Get Out and BlacKlansman for the film.

The two have kept very quiet about their relationship, although they have shared good news throughout the course of their relationship. Here's a timeline of the couple's love, starting from their first date to their marriage.

They Met Through Twitter in 2013

Peretti claims the two comedians met on the Internet and on Twitter, which appears to be a fantastic way to begin a conversation with someone. It's not clear if the actors ended up eating at Sizzler for the first date or opted to go somewhere less intimate.

A rumor circulated that Andy Samberg, who co-founded Brooklyn Nine-Nine, set Peretti and Peele up, but that's not how it all worked out (though it does make for a great picture).

Peretti and Peeles' dating life is surprisingly brief, and they evolved from being a simple boyfriend and girlfriend to a lot more in a relatively short time.

They Tweeted Their Engagement in 2015.

Peele and Peretti engaged after two years of dating (if that), but as is their custom, they kept things private until they decided to share the news with the rest of the world. Even then, the announcement was unfavorable.

Peele kept things short and sweeter, writing nothing by his fiancees' handles, and then sending a diamond ring emoji. Simple, yet effective.

They Eloped In Front Of Their Dog In 2016

Peele and Peretti collaborated on their first project together, ad campaigns for The couple selected locations for their dream wedding, including a majestic jungle yurt and a tropical resort, complete with a white horse on the beach.

Peretti and Peele married less than half a year after they revealed they were engaged, although it's possible nobody would have known until they made it public on social media. The two apparently chose to elope, and their wedding was small. Like, tiny.

Peretti discussed their engagement to Conan in 2018, stating that only them, their dog, and a lady named Soaring were there when the couple eloped in Big Sur, and that no one else was there, other than their furry pal. In mid-2016, Peretti made the shocking Instagram announcement, stating simply that they had, eloped a bit ago.

Peele himself stated in an interview with Seth Meyers that he and his comedy partner are married to actress Chelsea Peretti. Were we just dating?

She Displayed Her Baby Bump in 2017

Peretti and Peele are not the same kind of husband-and-wife duo that get engaged years after the wedding. In February 2017, she posted a photo on Instagram showing her growing baby belly, just months after Queen Bey announced that she would be a mother once again.

Peretti didn't shy away from revealing information regarding how things were going, highlighting the good and the ugly. She wrote frequently on her Instagram, revealing the glamorous and often difficult journey to becoming a mother.

For the first time, funny writers and actors became parents, even six months later. Peretti and Peele revealed the birth of their son, Beaumont Gino Peele, to People, confirming that the child was born on July 1.

Jordan Gushes About Chelsea in 2018

Peele and Peretti have a reputation for being one another's most trusted cheerleaders during their greatest successes. As his film Get Out received widespread attention, Peele credited his wife for guiding him through the chaos of the awards season (Moira Roses' favorite time of year).

In January 2018, he told US Weekly that he could not have asked for a more supportive partner. When things get tough, I get to have the funnyst person in the world in the room. I am forever grateful.

The Present

Peretti and Peele began talking, met, became engaged, married, decided to become parents, and then married on social media, where they remain open and candid about their busy lives.

Peretti has been with Peele as he prepares to release his new film Nope on the red carpet of the Los Angeles premiere on July 18.

Peele returned the favor just days before Deadline reported that Peretti would direct her own film, tweeting the news after his wife's Twitter post.


They're evidently the greatest cheerleaders.

This article was originally published on August 27, 2021.

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